How to Remain Cool and Comfortable During Sleep

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How to Remain Cool and Comfortable During Sleep

There are a few settings in our lives where temperature is very important, and one of these for many people is during sleep. In particular, most people tend to sleep best at temperatures just a bit below their most comfortable waking temperatures – why is this the case, and how can you achieve this nightly to assist with a good sleep?

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re happy to offer a wide range of mattresses and other sleep accessories from top brands for clients in Provo, Salt Lake City, American Fork and other parts of Utah, including Tempur-Pedic, Serta and many others. For sleepers who require a cool atmosphere, we can recommend ideal mattress materials and other products or tactics to keep your sleep space cool and comfortable every night. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind within this realm.

Why Are Ideal Sleep Temperatures a Bit Lower?

Firstly, for those who are just learning why they need to aim lower in terms of sleep temperature, it’s essential to realize that your body needs some time to cool down and relax before you fall asleep. Not only this, but your body’s natural temperature tends to drop slightly as you enter deeper sleep stages. Consequently, cooler temperatures – somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit – are generally ideal in order to ease into a natural sleep cycle in an effortless manner.

How can you go about achieving this? Through a combination of approaches, which we’ll look through for the rest of this blog.

The Right Mattress Material and Technology

As you may have guessed, one of the most important elements of a comfortable sleeping environment is your mattress. Here, it’s essential to consider the material your mattress is made from and any temperature regulation technology that has been integrated into its fabric or construction.

For example, many mattresses are now being constructed with cooling systems – sometimes referred to as “phase change materials” – built into the foam or other materials that make up the mattress. These systems are designed to absorb excess body heat and keep your bed at a consistent, cool temperature throughout the night.

In addition, many mattresses now have special layers of material added to them in order to allow for more airflow underneath you and throughout the bed itself – helping your mattress stay cool as you sleep. Finally, look for a mattress that is constructed of breathable materials, such as wool and natural latex foam – these can often be beneficial in reducing the amount of heat that is retained in the bed.

Cooling Sheets and Pillows

As you look to construct your perfect sleep environment, don’t forget about sheets and pillows. Here, it’s best to opt for breathable materials such as cotton and bamboo. In addition, some manufacturers now offer cooling sheets with special designs that allow heat to escape more easily during the night. Pillows are also essential – many people swear by buckwheat pillows for cooling comfort throughout the night.

As you’re looking for either one of these options, always be sure to consider your own comfort level when making a decision.

Thermostat Considerations

Another key tool at your disposal is your thermostat. Here, the temperature should be set at a lower temperature than you would normally prefer during the day – somewhere in that 60-67 degree range is ideal. In addition, it’s important to remember that some minor fluctuations can occur naturally during the night – so don’t be afraid to adjust slightly if needed.

If your home has a smart or programmable thermostat, you might want to look into some specialized functions that can help keep the room at a more consistent temperature throughout the night.

Cooling Down Before Bed

For many people, a vital part of sleeping comfortably is cooling down before bed. Here, you might want to take a warm shower in the evening, as this can help reduce your body temperature and leave you feeling more relaxed and ready for sleep. Additionally, if you opt for cool or lukewarm water during your showers, this can also help create an even cooler environment when it’s time for bed.

Finally, some people like to keep a fan in their bedroom – this can help reduce the nighttime temperature during those hot summer nights and allow you to drift off more easily.

As you consider these elements, remember that it’s all about finding the right balance of cooling technologies and personal comfort levels so that you can be sure to get an excellent night of sleep. With the right combination, you should have no trouble getting into the proper temperature range for a peaceful slumber!

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we understand the importance of sleeping comfortably. We offer a wide range of products and services to help you achieve your best sleep possible, including those to help you stay cool. Contact us today to learn more about any of our mattresses or other sleep accessories for clients in SLC, American Fork, Provo and other parts of Utah!

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