Mattress Lumbar Support Factors for Back Pain, Part 1

mattress lumbar support back pain

Mattress Lumbar Support Factors for Back Pain, Part 1

For those who suffer from back pain, particularly chronic back pain, the mattress is one of several important items that will be viewed in a bit of a different way than normal. The mattress is your back’s primary support structure during sleep, making it a vital item to consider when looking for ways to reduce back pain and the impact it may have on your sleep quality.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud to offer a wide range of new mattress options for those in this position, from Tempur-Pedic mattress options to innerspring, foam and various hybrid mattresses. One of the single most important terms and themes you’ll hear discussed in this realm: Lumbar support. What does this term refer to, and what are some of the important variables to consider with regard to mattress selection and lumbar support? This two-part blog will dig into each of these themes for you.

Back Pain and Lumbar Support

The term lumbar support comes from the lumbar region in the spine, which describes the five spinal vertebrae that stretch from your diaphragm to just above your tailbone. In many cases, those experiencing back pain are doing so due to issues in this region.

This kind of pain can be caused by several triggers, from poor posture to weak core muscles or even injuries due to heavy lifting or other strain. When such pain takes place, signaling stress on the back, the simplest method for reducing this pain traces back to supporting the spinal lumbar region – hence the term lumbar support, which is found in not just mattress areas, but also several others involving support of the spine.

Lumbar Support and Sleep

As you might have guessed simply based on the above information, lumbar support is particularly important while sleeping. Without it, the hips and shoulders will sink naturally, and the curves of your spine will flatten out.

This may be okay for a night here or there, but it will have negative impacts in the long-term, especially for those with previous back pain issues. It may lead to bulges of the discs between lower vertebrae, for instance, which places pressure on surrounding nerves and leads to pain, numbing, tingling or muscle weakness.

Variables to Consider

How do you get the right lumbar support while sleeping? There are a few key factors:

  • Mattress: Sleep experts recommend a bed that allows the shoulders and hips to sink a little, allowing for proper spinal alignment. There are several mattresses here that might be ideal, including memory foam and hybrid mattresses.
  • Bed: The base and bet itself are also very important. For many with chronic back pain, an adjustable bed is the ideal choice, allowing you to set personalized preferences and support settings for your back.
  • Sleep position: In addition to the above areas, sleep position is very important here. For many, the use of pillows in certain formats may be extremely beneficial in this area (more on this in part two).

For more on keeping lumbar support in mind while choosing a mattress to help limit back pain, or to learn about any of our new mattresses, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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