Learning About Hybrid Mattresses and Their Benefits

learning hybrid mattresses benefits

Learning About Hybrid Mattresses and Their Benefits

In today’s modern, world, the term “hybrid” is more popular than ever in various consumer areas. Hybrid cars, bicycles, energy formats and numerous other similar products or services are all the rage in many circles, generally referring to a combination of previous styles that comes together to form something even better.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to tell you about another kind of hybrid: Hybrid mattresses. We stock a wide variety of innerspring and hybrid mattresses for you to choose from – let’s go over what a hybrid mattress is, what separates it from other options, and some factors you should consider when deciding if a hybrid mattress is right for you.

Hybrid Mattress Basics

A hybrid mattress is one designed to combine innerspring and memory foam formats, both of which have several distinct benefits for sleepers on their own. The goal is a combined form of support that many people find optimal compared with each individual style.

Generally speaking, this combination will be a 50-50 ratio of innerspring and memory foam technology. Innerspring technology will be used for individual pockets inside the mattress, while memory foam layers will be placed on top to provide the long-term comfort you need.

Specific Components

Here are several of the specific components that make hybrid mattresses unique:

  • Fabric cover: Both protects the mattress and, as memory foam is known for, conforms to your body to allow for comfortable sleep.
  • Coil technology: This pocketed coil technology is designed to reduce motion transfer, meaning you don’t feel it as much if someone else moves while you sleep.
  • Memory foam layers: Both comfort and pressure relief for aching bodies, helping you find the perfect sleep position for you and allowing you to enjoy it with no issues.
  • Gel infusion: Memory foam is also infused with gel, which lowers the amount of heat it retains from your body. This allows you to keep an optimal sleeping temperature without breaking into a sweat.
  • Edge support: A service that widens the actual sleep surface of the bed, meaning there’s more space to sleep.

Is a Hybrid for You?

So how do you know if a hybrid mattress is for you? Research has shown that many people who could benefit most from these options do not know they’re a viable choice when considering different mattresses. If you need a little bit of extra support from within the mattress but also enjoy that patented memory foam feel where you sink into the mattress, you should strongly consider hybrids. They tend to get excellent reviews and are a fast-growing section of the mattress market in general.

For more on hybrid mattresses, or to learn more about memory foam, innerspring or any of our other mattress options, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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