Tips on “Breaking In” a New Mattress

tips breaking in new mattress

Tips on “Breaking In” a New Mattress

There are a number of products or materials out there that take some time to “break in” or otherwise become accustomed to, and a new mattress is a good example. Those who have purchased a new mattress in the recent past will recall that it likely took a little while to fully adjust to it and become 100 percent comfortable, including many options that take a little while to properly conform to your body.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we can help you understand the likely adjustment period for any of our new mattresses, from soft mattress options to firm choices and everything in between. Most mattresses take between 30 and 90 days to fully break in – here are some basic tips we can offer you on taking part in this process without risking the long-term benefits of the mattress.

Let it “Breathe”

When we first purchase a new mattress, there’s an understandable desire to immediately get it home, onto the bed and dressed up with new bedding. This is often an exciting new purchase, and it’s natural to want to experience it as quickly as possible.

However, we recommend showing some patience here and waiting for a bit when you get the mattress home. It’s generally good to give mattresses a few hours to breathe before installing bedding, allowing oxygen to flow through the entire base of materials. You’d be surprised how this might impact your quality of sleep down the line.

Heat and Memory Foam

If you’ve purchased a memory foam mattress option, one of your top early priorities should be exposing the mattress to heat. Memory foam is designed to soften and contour when it’s warmed, which is how it conforms to your body to provide additional comfort. If you heat the room a bit more than usual early on, you will allow this to happen more organically.

It’s important to note, however, that this same theme does exist for other mattress types as well. While they may not rely on this kind of shaping quite as much as memory foam does, we recommend a warmer room temperature for the first few weeks with any new mattress to allow it to adjust to your body.

Pressure and Breaking In

For those who spend a lot of time thinking about mattress firmness or softness, and especially those who want the mattress broken in as fast as possible, pressure is a valuable tool.

Approaches like walking on the mattress or providing pressure with your hands and feet will help loosen mattress materials, making it easier for it to conform to you.

Adjustment Period

No matter the kind of mattress you choose, just remember that it will take some time to adjust. You should prioritize sleeping on the new mattress every night after your purchase no matter what, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for materials to be loosened and stretched out.

For more on how to break in a new mattress, or to learn about any of our new mattresses, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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