Why Latex is the “Green” Mattress Material

Why Latex is the “Green” Mattress Material

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud to offer a few latex mattress options as part of our catalog. Latex mattresses are some people’s product of choice when it comes to a great night sleep, and they’re generally less expensive than people think.

Beyond just these benefits, though, latex mattresses are also excellent for the environment and for people who deal with allergy or asthma sensitivity issues from certain materials. Let’s look at some reasons why latex mattresses are a healthy option, both for you and for your surroundings.

No Coils

For starters, nearly all latex mattresses come without the typical coils that you’d generally find in most other mattress types. Instead, these mattresses have a base made of foam, which is then covered by layers of latex. These layers on top of the foam base allow for additional support and comfort, and the lack of springs means metal materials that simply aren’t needed for production of this mattress style.

Full Latex

Not only are the outer portions of these mattresses made of latex material – the entire mattresses are. They come with basic man-made latex cores, with latex padding layers adding more support. Some models will also come with memory foam padding layers, which are made using a man-made polyurethane foam that has positive environmental interactions.

Natural Off-Gassing

With many mattress types, a process called off-gassing can take place – this is when a given material releases a chemical as part of a reaction, and it often smells like fresh paint, dry cleaning or the inside of a new car. In some cases, it can be harmful to humans in large enough quantities.

With latex, though, you’re not at risk. There may be some off-gassing involved, but latex foam is largely soy-based, meaning it’s giving off natural polyurethane.

For more on the green benefits of latex mattresses, or to learn about any of our new mattress options, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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