Helping Couples Choose Queen Vs. King Mattresses, Part 2

couples queen vs king mattresses

Helping Couples Choose Queen Vs. King Mattresses, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basic factors to consider if you and your partner are debating between a queen and king mattress. This is a common debate for couples, with some individuals preferring the comfort and close contact of a queen bed while others enjoying the space a king provides for individual sleep quality.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re happy to help any couple having difficulty with this important decision. Which factors should you be considering if you simply can’t reach an agreement on a queen or king mattress? Here are a few additional areas to keep an eye on when making this decision as a couple.

Basic Sleep Habits

One extremely important area to consider closely when making this choice is how both members of the relationship tend to sleep. We humans have a wide variety of sleeping habits and styles, from those whose bodies tend to splay out all over the place to those who curl up into a compact ball and barely move the entire night.

This is an area you should lean on your partner for assistance with, assuming you’ve slept in the same bed before previously. They can give you a more accurate picture of your sleep habits than you likely are able to, and you can advise each other on the kinds of space you use and whether you need the dimensions of a king bed – or whether a queen might suffice if both of you do well sleeping in compact positions.

Pets or Children?

One complicating factor here for some couples is whether another entity will be regularly sleeping in the bed, typically either a child or a pet of some kind. If you have a child who regularly joins you in bed after a bad dream, for instance, this will significantly impact the space available – couples in this position often choose the king mattress to ensure they have enough. Pets might be a different consideration depending on their size, plus the fact that many enjoy sleeping on the edge of the bed where they aren’t too in the way.

Future Plans

Both in terms of the above areas and any others involving sleep or bedroom composition, you also want to think about the future here. Maybe you don’t have kids now, but are planning to in the near future. Perhaps you’re considering purchasing a new house in the upcoming months, one that comes with a larger or smaller bedroom space and changes your arithmetic on the mattress size you need. Consider these and other potential future plans in your mattress purchasing decision.

For more on choosing between a king and queen mattress, or to learn about any of our mattresses, adjustable beds or mattress accessories, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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