Fitted Sheets, Top Sheets and Changing Sleep Habits

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Fitted Sheets, Top Sheets and Changing Sleep Habits

No mattress is complete without a few important related items, and at the top of the list are sheets of various types. Sheets are one of the single largest considerations in making the mattress and sleep experience comfortable and desirable, from temperature control to aesthetics and several other considerations.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we carry a variety of sheets in addition to our wide selection of new mattress options. Lately, we’ve begun to notice some changing trends in the way younger generations utilize certain specific sheets, namely the combination of a fitted sheet and top sheet – terms some people tend to confuse already. Let’s go over what each of these are and how many are bucking the traditional setup – and what this may mean for the mattress and care of other accessories.

Fitted Sheet

For those who might be a bit confused, the fitted sheet is the one that’s designed to cover the mattress relatively tightly. Those sheets you’ve tried unsuccessfully to fold into a perfect square given their elastic corners? Those are fitted sheets.

The elastic is there to provide a corner hugger, one that conforms to the shape of the mattress and holds the fabric tight around the edge. This item is present so there’s a layer of comfort between sleepers and the actual mattress – and so there’s a layer of protection for the mattress itself, which would wear down much faster if humans were sleeping directly on it every night.

Top Sheet

A top sheet, on the other hand, is a rectangular item that goes over the fitted sheet and under a duvet, quilt or comforter. It’s also sometimes known as a flat sheet. This item is primarily for comfort, providing a layer of softness between the sleeper and the comforter or quilt. In addition, the top sheet can extend the lifespan of comforters and quilts due to providing a little extra protection from wear-and-tear.

Top Sheet or No Top Sheet?

The fitted sheet is not at any risk in modern times – it’s vital and necessary for virtually all mattresses. The top sheet, however, is increasingly being eliminated by a younger generation of sleeper, who often prefers to sleep with the fitted sheet and then a duvet on top. Benefits include fewer items to cover when making the bed, less laundry to do and, for some people, additional comfort.

On the flip side, sleeping without a top sheet limits protection for the duvet or comforter. This means you’ll need to wash this item more often, which may offset your laundry decrease. Over a long period of time, the duvet or comforter may actually wear down faster and pick up more bacteria without a top sheet to protect it. And finally, top sheets are often a great source of comfort and coolness during sleep, one that not everyone functions better without. In the end, the decision comes down to which factors you prioritize most.

For more on whether to sleep with or without a top sheet, or to learn about any of our mattresses or adjustable beds, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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