Tips for Comparing Mattresses

Tips for Comparing Mattresses

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud to be Utah’s premier mattress dealer. Our mattress stores get consistently fantastic customer reviews, and our products and services are impeccably reviewed.

We’re so confident in our high level of service and products, in fact, that we welcome customers to compare us against some of our competitors. Our true goal is getting you the best mattress and sleep possible – we doubt a competitor can do better than us in that regard, but if they can, we want only the best for you. When you’re comparing similar (or even the exact same) models of mattress in various mattress stores, here are some important tips to get an accurate comparison point.

Comparison Sheets and Specifications

If you’re able to describe to a salesman which mattress you saw and where you saw it, they should be able to identify the model and provide you with comparison sheets. These will list several factors that might be important as you consider which mattress to buy.

If you need more convincing, ask for specifications – sheets that have all the layers and parameters of the mattress. You can check whether the inner layers of two mattresses you looked at are exactly the same and come in the same quantity, as this is often the final factor in determining whether you’re looking at the same bed as before.


If you have particular questions that aren’t listed on these sheets, you can always call the manufacturer of a given model. This is helpful if you’ve found a given bed in one location but can’t seem to find it anywhere else – they might be able to help you locate it using the model number. If a store has exclusive rights to that model, they can inform you of this.

Exclusive Features

Some stores will have exclusive features on their beds in the showroom, things like upgraded covers or special pillows. Make sure you don’t factor these into a price comparison – these are usually superficial design items meant to attract eyes. Make sure you’re clear about which items are included in the purchase price.

For more on how to go about comparing mattresses between stores, or to find out about any of our mattress services, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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