Sheet Care and Replacement Basics

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Sheet Care and Replacement Basics

2 Brothers Mattress is your first stop mattress store if you need a new mattress in Utah, but that’s not all we’re here for. We also provide numerous bed accessories, from bed frames and head boards to comfort items like pillows.

One such comfort item that’s vital for the sleeping experience is the sheets. Sheets can be a huge factor in whether or not you get the proper sleep at night, and they’re a vital comfort consideration for many people. They’re also fragile – over time, washing and basic wear and tear can compromise their quality. Here are some washing and drying guidelines for getting maximum life out of your sheets, plus some recommendations on when it might be time to get some new ones.

Washing Guidelines

In general, sheets should be washed in a gentle cycle, and great care should be taken not to overload the washer – go one set of sheets at a time. You should generally look to a mild detergent for most sheets unless specified otherwise, and you should never pour detergent directly on sheets.

In addition, keep away from using too much detergent. This can coat the sheets and make them feel rough. Some experts also believe using bleach on sheets will eventually degrade the fabrics, though some companies claim bleach products are safe and will not damage fabrics.

Drying and Storing

Drying the sheets is also vital for their long lifespan. Don’t run the dryer too hot – heat can shrink cotton fibers. Many brands will intentionally over-size sheets for this reason, but still take care.

When not in use, store sheets properly. Wash and dry them fully, and keep them in a cool, dry place like a linen closet or drawer. Make sure they’re packed safely away from moths.

When to Buy New Sheets

A few situations where it’s likely you need to get some new sheets:

  • If your sheets are stained beyond redemption
  • If fabric has thinned or has holes
  • If edges are fraying
  • If fabric has become rough and scratchy
  • If sheets have an odor that won’t wash out

For new sheet options or to view any of our other sleep and mattress services, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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