On New Child Mattresses and Designing “Big Kid” Rooms

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On New Child Mattresses and Designing “Big Kid” Rooms

If you’re a parent of a growing child, you may soon be approaching a seminal moment in their youth: The switch from a child bedroom or nursery into a “big kid” room. Many kids anticipate this day for months, wanting to feel more like their parents and sleep in a traditional bed with all their own space to themselves.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to help with every related area here, from our smaller options like full or even twin mattresses to numerous mattress accessories and other features that will benefit your child. Let’s go over a few budget-friendly tips we can offer on not only the mattress and bed you choose for your child, but also the rest of the room’s design and how to make this transition in a positive way without breaking the bank.

Space for Growth

For starters, parents of growing children have to keep one major factor in mind here: They’re going to keep growing for a while. And for those looking to save a bit, taking the long strategy here can pay big dividends.

Specifically, we’re talking about buying a larger mattress size than what your young child might currently need. There’s nothing wrong with them sleeping on a larger space for a few years, and this will allow the same bed frame and mattress to remain as their primary option for several years as they age and grow.

Proper Mattress

When selecting the mattress itself, take the time to ensure high-quality materials and comfort for your child. Speak to both your child and our sleep professionals about their preferences for sleeping and the kinds of mattress materials that might work best for them to support their growing body and their sleep quality. Remember that this mattress will play a role not only in quality sleep, but also in bodily development as they grow.

Repurposing Where Possible

Moving to other areas, from sheets and bedding accessories to non-bedding areas of the room, look for opportunities to repurpose or simply move certain items from the childhood room to the new “big kid” room. Not only will this keep your child comfortable, you can save a bit of money by salvaging furniture or accessories during your redecoration.

Don’t Rush It

One major tip we can offer here, especially for those who get anxious as they design: There’s no need to rush. While you want your child to be comfortable in their new bedroom, you can add details and touches over a period of time as they get into the space. You don’t have to finalize every inch of the space all in one day.

For more on how to design a child’s new bedroom on a budget, or to learn about any of our new mattresses or mattress accessories, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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