How Pets on the Mattress Risks Your Sleep Quality

pets mattress risks sleep quality

How Pets on the Mattress Risks Your Sleep Quality

Whether you’re looking for a full mattress for an individual or a king mattress for a couple, one of the top selection priorities will be sleep quality. Mattresses are all about keeping the sleeper(s) comfortable and relaxed each night, assisting with beneficial, soothing sleep that rejuvenates you for the upcoming day ahead.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud to provide a number of new mattress products and accessories that assist with your sleep – plus numerous tips and advice areas based on our years of expertise in this field. Today’s topic? Sleeping with pets in the bed, most commonly dogs. While many enjoy doing this, and we aren’t going to tell you how to live your life, there are a few proven downsides to pets in the bed that may contribute to a poor night’s sleep. If sleep quality is a concern for you, here are some factors to consider.

Support and Sleep Quality

For starters, while pets like dogs can be wonderful snuggling companions, this theme often gets taken a bit too far. These animals need their space, and they aren’t shy about moving around and claiming it during the course of the night.

In many cases, this leads to the human sleeper not receiving the support the need for a solid night of sleep. Perhaps they are forced out of their optimal sleeping position, or maybe they’re moved into a given angle where breathing isn’t as easy due to the pet’s positioning. In some cases, you may not even realize your sleep is going poorly in this matter until you wake up tired, cranky or with aches in particular areas.

Noise Concerns

Apart from the movement and positioning patterns, pets are often very noisy. Humans aren’t the only ones who snore, after all – pets do also, particularly many older cats or dogs. Their movements also make noise, and many of them have loud yawn or sleeping habits to consider in addition.

On top of this, remember that many pets, especially dogs, will be triggered by outside noises. The last thing you want is to be awoken multiple times per night when your dog is up growling at a bird outside, or some similar scenario. Again, this will negatively impact your sleep quality.

Cleaning Issues

Finally, a good night of sleep also depends on a clean, healthy mattress – and pet presence makes this harder to achieve. Pets come along with greater quantities of hair and dander, and may bring along more pollen and dust. Younger animals may be prone to accidents and creating urine stains on the mattress. Many pets carry their own sets of allergens, in addition, possibly risking respiratory symptoms during sleep.

For more on the risks of sleeping next to pets on the mattress, or to learn about any of our new mattress or adjustable bed products, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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