Mattress Myths: Thickness, Size and Tryouts

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Mattress Myths: Thickness, Size and Tryouts

As mattresses are some of the most common and popular home items out there, they’ve also unfortunately developed a few common myths that go along with them. We’re never quite sure where some of these pieces of misinformation sprout up from, but in an industry as widespread as mattresses and sleep comfort, sadly there are occasions where this sort of bad info can spread like wildfire to the general public.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re not only here to provide fantastic mattress options, adjustable beds and much more, but also to offer expertise and advice to all our clients looking to find the ideal mattress for their sleep experience. This includes helping steer you away from mattress myths or misconceptions in this area – and we’ve heard them all, large and small. This two-part blog series will identify a few of the most significant and debunk them so you have the proper information moving forward.

Thickness is All That Matters

While thickness is definitely an important factor for purchasing any mattress, there are some who treat it as gospel and the only variable that matters at all – which is not the case. Specifically, a thicker mattress will not always necessarily be more comfortable than a thinner one.

In fact, while mattresses range from roughly six to 15 inches in thickness, the majority of people find their ideal comfort range somewhere in the middle here, around 8-10 inches. Those who are of average weight and height ranges won’t generally feel any added benefits from a 15-inch thick mattress, but will be paying more for it if they choose to go that route.

One Size Fits All

Especially for anyone who has even slightly unusual measurements or dimensions, but even for average people as well, you should not simply assume that a standard mattress is right for you and forego research as a result. Check on several factors, from your common sleeping position to your weight, medical conditions and, of course, your own personal preference while selecting a mattress.

Temporary Tryout Myth

You’ll sometimes see folks in a mattress store spend a few minutes laying on a given option to “get a feel for it” or something similar. And while this is perfectly fine to do, one major piece of advice: You aren’t likely to actually learn much here. Five minutes is nowhere near long enough to get a real idea of whether a given mattress is right for you – the only way to do this is to try it out for 30 days or longer, seeing how you feel in the mornings and tracking your overall sleep quality.

For more on debunking common mattress myths, or to learn about any of our new mattresses or mattress accessories, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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