Mattress Box Spring: Purpose and Alternatives

mattress box spring purpose alternatives

Mattress Box Spring: Purpose and Alternatives

One of the key factors in any mattress purchase is support, and there are a few areas to consider here as you look through your options. One such area is the box spring, an item placed under many mattresses designed specifically to help with support.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we can help you understand box springs for any of our new mattress options, from twins and fulls to queen and king mattress options. What exactly are box springs, and why are they used in many cases? Let’s look at this plus a couple basic alternatives available to you in this area.

Box Spring Definition and Purpose

Box springs refer to a base layer that’s placed under the mattress, designed to help lift it up and support it. Think of the box spring a foundation, though we should actually note that the term “box spring” is a bit misleading in today’s day and age – actual springs are very rarely used in them anymore.

Springs used to be used, hence the title, but in recent decades manufacturers have found stronger and more durable solutions. They generally use wood or metal materials for what are now called box springs, as these provide better support and longer-lasting service.

Absorbing Weight

When box springs were first invented, they were mostly designed to lift the mattress off the ground and provide that height benefit. Today, however, their primary purpose is to provide support to the mattress and the sleeper.

Without box springs or similar support items, the mattress is fully responsible for absorbing any weight and shock that’s placed on it. Over time, this may lead to the mattress changing its shape, particularly if it’s used unevenly by sleepers. In turn, this can warp the shape of the mattress and even eventually lead to it wearing down earlier than expected.

With a box spring, however, you get additional support in this area. Even used mattresses keep the same structure and shape after many years. In addition, box springs do indeed still help raise the height of the bed and make it easier to get in and out of.

Other Support Formats

Now, box springs themselves are not technically the only mattress support devices out there. One other alternative that’s growing in popularity is the adjustable bed base, an option available in many styles that provides high levels of support to many mattresses. Other similar options include platform beds, bunkie boards and other strong support structures.

With all these alternatives, it’s important to prioritize evenness and support. An uneven support structure will lead to many of the same issues as a non-supported mattress, and may also void your mattress warranty depending on the manufacturer.

For more on box springs and other support alternatives, or to learn about any of our new mattress options or services, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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