Determining Whether You Need a Mattress Headboard

Determining Whether You Need a Mattress Headboard

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re happy to offer numerous mattress and bedding accessories in addition to our wide selection of new mattresses. One accessory that can take on very different meanings, both practically and aesthetically, is the bed’s headboard.

From prominent, eye-catching headboards that define the entire bed to smaller, upholstered options that mostly work as a backstop and provide basic comfort, you have numerous headboard options available to you – or you could choose a mattress and bed setup with no headboard. How to decide? Here are some basics on headboards and whether you really need one.

How Headboards Came About

Centuries ago, when modern mattresses were in their early stages of formation and what we know as today’s beds were just entering consciousness, headboards were a practical item first and foremost. They were used as a barrier between the wall and the edge of the bed, keeping sleepers’ heads from getting too cold based on contact with the wall while they slept – this is because homes were not well-insulated during these times.

As homes today have much better insulation, do you need a headboard? Before answering, you have to consider some of the other uses of headboards that have developed over the years.

Modern Headboards and Footboards

Today, headboards and footboards may still be used for practical purposes like keeping pillows upright, maintaining space between a bed and wall, or various others. However, it’s vital to note that for many beds and rooms, headboards are viewed through more of an aesthetic lens these days.

A stylish, snazzy headboard can impact the feel of an entire bedroom, even a master bedroom. In many cases, the increased comfort and feel brought about by a quality headboard may actually impact sleep capability – the easier it is to get comfortable and relax within a given room, the easier it is to fall and stay asleep. So even if you don’t have a dedicated purpose for your headboard, you may still want one as part of your setup.

Beds Minus Headboards

That said, there are many scenarios today where modern bed owners don’t need or want a headboard. Many simply don’t like the headboard’s appearance, and might prefer to simply paint the wall behind the bed or place artwork in that space.

One note, however: If you’re planning some other arrangement for a given wall behind your bed, make sure this is an interior wall that does not connect to the outdoors. If the other side of the wall leads outside and isn’t insulated properly you may find yourself in the same situation as early headboard users: Too cold while sleeping.

For more on headboards and whether you need one, or to learn about any of our new mattresses or mattress accessories, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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