Causes of Restless Sleep: Exercise, Stiffness and Solutions

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Causes of Restless Sleep: Exercise, Stiffness and Solutions

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the reasons commonly behind a restless, poor night of sleep. There are a few culprits that may contribute to poor sleep where you constantly toss and turn, including your mattress, but there are also simple ways to minimize these risks.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to help. We offer numerous mattress options, as well as adjustable bed frames and a wide range of other sleep and mattress accessories, to help all our clients get the best, healthiest sleep possible on a nightly basis. What are a couple of the other common reasons why tossing and turning take place during sleep, and what can you do to limit or even eliminate these concerns? Here’s a primer.

Significant Exercise

While exercising regularly is a fantastic pursuit, we have to be careful about the timing here as it relates to sleep. When we exercise, our blood is pumping faster, the heart is racing and our temperature is increased – these are not exactly ideal qualities for sleep, and your body needs some time to return to normal after major activity.

Another factor here is cortisol, which is known as the “stress hormone” but also has an impact in several other areas. Cortisol levels are increased heavily during exercise, and these also may contribute to poor sleep quality if you attempt to go to sleep too soon after working out. Be cognizant of how long it takes your body to recover after a given workout, and do your best to schedule these for mornings or afternoons when you are nowhere close to bedtime.

Stiffness Concerns

Both due to exercise and other areas, such as daily posture and any chronic pain conditions, many of us experience regular stiffness. Being too stiff while sleeping may lead to discomfort and lots of movement, so we recommend stretching, icing and other pain relief formats that will help you be a bit more comfortable. In addition, we recommend against sleeping on the stomach if you commonly have stiffness issues, as the angle here may increase these concerns.

Solutions for Restless Sleep

Here are some general solutions for tossing and turning during sleep:

  • Choose a quality, supportive mattress made of a good material that will regulate temperature for the sleeper.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption in excess, and before bedtime.
  • If you are stressed or anxious during the day, look for relaxation methods before bed – meditation, a warm bath, relaxing music and similar themes are all good depending on your needs.
  • Avoid intense exercise in the hours just before bedtime.

For more on sleep quality and the role of the mattress, or to learn about any of our mattress services, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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