What to Expect on Your Next Mattress Shopping Trip

What to Expect on Your Next Mattress Shopping Trip

If you find that you wake up with aches and pains, you spend a lot of your night tossing and turning looking for a comfortable position to sleep in, or your mattress just looks worn out, it’s probably time for you to go mattress shopping. For many people this is something that they only do once every 10 years or so, so if you’ve forgotten what it is like and you’re not sure what to expect, here is a quick guide.

Lots of Choices
The first thing many people notice when they walk into a place like the 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah is the wide variety of choices available. If it has been a while since you’ve been to a mattress store, you’ll find today that there are several different bed types, and several categories within each type to choose from. That often includes:

  • Innerspring (including pillowtop)
  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Airbeds
  • Waterbeds
Within each of these categories you’ll find different firmness levels and different features that set each bed apart. Some of these might include cooling technology on the top of the bed to prevent overheating during sleep, adjustable bed bases (called “ergo” beds), built-in Bluetooth or other wireless options for music bases, and more.

Mattress Salespeople
Another thing that every mattress store has is a group of salespeople. These individuals should be knowledgeable about the beds they are selling and the different features of each, including the benefits and drawbacks of different bed types. They should also be friendly, answering all of your questions and allowing you ample time to test out each bed (you should spend about 15 minutes on a bed in the store before deciding to buy it). If you find that the salespeople don’t know the answers, or they are making up answers to your questions, go somewhere like the 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah, where salespeople are friendly and trained to help you find the most comfortable mattress in your price range.

Warranties and Guarantees
You should be sure to inquire about the mattress warranty and other guarantees that the store has after you purchase. Today many mattress stores offer you the opportunity to take your bed home for a “trial period” and bring it back for a full refund or full store credit if it doesn’t work for you. That allows you to try out a bed that you have never tried before (such as latex or memory foam) without worrying that you’ll be stuck with it for 10 years if it’s uncomfortable.

Accessories and Other Items
Mattress shopping is also a good chance to check out some of the accessories available. That might include looking into an ergonomic bed base (or “ergo” bed, which can help you find a more optimal sleep position and relieve pressure), bed sheets, mattress covers, pillowtop add-ons, and more. There are a myriad of choice when it comes to accessories, and many stores like the 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah carry these options to offer a convenient one-stop-shop for you to pick up everything you need for a comfortable night’s sleep tonight.

If this is your first time shopping for a mattress or you haven’t been in a while, choose a place like 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah where you know you’ll get great customer service and great selection every time.

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