What to Do With a Brand New Mattress

tips breaking in new mattress

What to Do With a Brand New Mattress

There are a number of products or materials out there that take some time to “break in” or otherwise become accustomed to, and a new mattress is a good example. Those who have purchased a new mattress in the recent past will recall that it likely took a little while to fully adjust to it and become 100 percent comfortable, including many options that take a little while to properly conform to your body.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we can help you understand the likely adjustment period for any of our new mattresses, from soft mattress options to firm choices and everything in between. Most mattresses take between 30 and 90 days to fully break in – here are some basic tips we can offer you on taking part in this process without risking the long-term benefits of the mattress.

The Mattress Wants to Be Used

While some people may mistakenly think they should “take it easy” on a new mattress during the break-in period, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The more you use your mattress, the faster it will break in and become comfortable for you. While some people may only sleep on their mattress, we encourage you to also use it for activities like reading or watching TV in bed – anything that keeps you lying down for long periods of time.

Let it Breathe Upon Installation

One major exception to the above: The first few hours after you install your new mattress are vital to the break-in period. Once you’ve set up your bed frame and have the mattress in place, take a few hours to let it “breathe” in the open air. This helps the materials inside expand and settle into their proper shape, which can speed up the break-in process overall.

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust

If you find that your new mattress isn’t as comfortable as you’d hoped during the first few weeks, don’t hesitate to adjust it. If it’s too firm, try a mattress topper or pillow top mattress; if it’s too soft, look for ways to make it firmer. You can also try flipping it over if you have a two-sided mattress, which may offer a different level of comfort.

Adjusting your sheets and blankets can also play a role – if you’re using heavy sheets or multiple blankets, try lighter-weight options to see if that offers more comfort. The goal here is to find a combination that lets you sink into the mattress without feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand.

Heat for Memory Foam

If the mattress you’ve purchased is of the memory foam variety, you may find that a little extra heat helps during the break-in period. This is because memory foam mattresses need body heat to fully soften and conform to your shape, so lying on it with an electric blanket or heating pad can offer some benefits. Just be sure not to use too much heat, as this can damage the mattress material.

For more on breaking in your new mattress, or to browse our selection of mattresses, contact 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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