The Importance of Children Sleeping Well

The Importance of Children Sleeping Well

Although sleep difficulties occur at least a few nights per week for 75% of the population, the importance of children sleeping well cannot be over emphasized. A good night’s rest for children below the age of 18 is usually overlooked because although 90% of American parents think their child is sleeping enough, the reality is that 60% of children in high school experience extreme daytime sleepiness. It is now reported that children get an hour less sleep every 24 hours than they did 30 years ago. This one hour loss should concern you as a parent because it is equivalent to the loss of at least two years of cognitive maturation and development. It is important to note that  sleep disorders that occur in children differ from those in  These disorders or disruptions in children’s sleep patterns can occur for reasons such as respiratory and airway disorders-which may be worsened by the type of pillow or mattress used, behavioral disorders and neurological disorders. There are strong correlations between childhood sleep disorders, concentration, behavior and mood problems.

Scientists have linked sleep deprivation to the rise of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the obesity epidemic, and  it is now clear that sleep disorders can impair children’s IQ as much as lead exposure. Some reasons for poor sleep are attributed to sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. Also, few people put some thought into the pillows their children sleep on, yet the wrong kind of pillow can result in poor sleep, a stiff neck or stuffy nose.

Serta Bridget Pillow Soft or FirmThe first thing that a parent should check to ensure their child has a good night’s rest is the level of comfort that their child is experiencing. If comfort is the major reason for loss of sleep, then a good pillow and mattress should be sought for the child. Some great solutions can be found in various stores such as the 2 Brothers Mattress Utah. Ensure that the mattress or pillow that your child is using doesn’t sabotage your child’s growth and development.

When attempting to resolve a child’s sleeping disorder problem, research into the  child’s medical history should be done. Other factors that also contribute to child disorders include anxiety and  stress, medical side effects and irregular sleep patterns.

In case the child’s sleeping disorder is not caused by the lack of comfort, then the parents should seek medical advise so that any other causes can be determined and the right treatment for sleep disorder provided.


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