On Sleeping Styles and Positions

On Sleeping Styles and Positions

There’s always something mysterious about sleep. Other than allowing us to regain our strength in a very elaborate fashion, it also gives a number of hints about our health and the type of lifestyle we have. There have been many studies and surveys about sleeping, and perhaps one of the most interesting is the research that tackles the hidden messages about our sleeping styles and positions.

These studies and polls reveal that our sleeping positions and styles suggest some things that go beyond physical comfort. They tell something about our personalities and relationships. If you think that such associations are unlikely, read on to learn more.

Robert Phipps, a specialist in body language, explains that the most common sleeping positions mirror a person’s attitude on life. According to him, there are four basic types of sleeping positions: fetal, log, yearner, and freefaller.


Those sleeping in a fetal position are perceived to be careful and organized. They are the type of people who likes to stay in their comfort zones. However, these sleepers tend to think of things anxiously.


Log sleepers tend to stretch their bodies out in a straight line. These are the people who tend to make things more difficult for themselves. According to the study, those who sleep in this position tend to be domineering and a bit stubborn.


Those sleeping in a yearning position, where the sleeper stretches his arms while sleeping sideways, are seekers of new opportunities. They are the people who are willing to go through challenges or get into commitments.


People who sleep in a freefaller position, where they lie flat on their stomach, are those who are comfortable taking one step at a time. They like to take control of the things around them, but in a way that is achievable and practical.

It’s interesting to know that sleeping positions can tell something about us. But, what is more important is the comfort and rest that we get whenever we lie down and close our eyes. If you want to make your sleep more comfortable, get a good mattress. Contact us today or browse our pages to find ergonomically smart mattresses and quality adjustable beds.

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