Should You Pass Down A Used Mattress?

Should You Pass Down A Used Mattress?

In many families it is fairly common practice to pass down a used mattress to a child or other family member when somebody buys a new one. Many people also seek out purchasing used mattresses as an alternative to buying a new mattress. While you can get a very nice mattress that you may not normally be able to afford, there are some dangers associated with trading down a new mattress or buying a used mattress online.
1.       One of the main concerns comes with support. In most cases when people give up the mattress is because they were uncomfortable using it or it did not offer them the same support that they had when they bought it. Passing a used mattress down to a child may offer them the proper amount of support because they are lighter than an adult, but after just a short. This mattress will wear out just the same as it did for the adult. Passing down a used mattress to a family member may also mean that they do not find it comfortable and will simply have to get rid of it anyway. Mattresses only have a few years of really good support in them and sleeping on a mattress that does not provide the right amount of support can result in back injuries and a pattern of sleepless nights.
2.       Used mattresses come complete with all of the dust mites and biological hazards of the previous owners. It can be extremely difficult to get odors as well as, perspiration, saliva and body oils out of an old mattress. As a result of mattress is usually filled with germs and bacteria as well as dust mites. Cleaning the mattress can’t help but ultimately, really cleaning and disinfecting a mattress is something that is extremely hard to do and the best way to get a new and clean mattress is to get an entirely new one.


3.       Older mattresses also do not work with the new standards put in place by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Any mattress that was built before 2007 will not fit with the current industry standards and as a result if you are a child or any other family member is injured by the mattress, you will be the only one that is liable for the injuries. If you would like the safest possible mattress available to sleep on or for your child’s use is always important to buy new so that your mattress adheres with all of the current safety standards. Many new models including Tepur-pedic, Serta, and Diamond Matress, also come with new support options that have made mattresses more comfortable than ever before.

If you are considering passing down a used mattress it is extremely important to check the overall condition of the mattress and to sanitize it is best as you can. Make sure that when accepting the used mattress that you trust the people involved and that the mattress is coming from a clean household. If you can find out when the people purchased the mattress or when your mattress was manufactured you also put yourself in much better hands. Consulting 2 Brothers Mattresscould allow you to see just the type of model that you are looking at. Ultimately if you would like to eliminate the risks in getting a mattress for yourself, you should always buy new!

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