Repurposing Old Mattresses, Part 1

Repurposing Old Mattresses, Part 1

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re all about sustainability and making the most out of everything, particularly when it comes to our mattresses. We have a huge range of low-priced mattress options that will last for decades, with sustainable technology used to create many of our highest-selling products.

We want to help our customers who make a real commitment to this kind of sustainability, as well. One big area to think about here? Additional uses for a mattress once it’s been replaced as a sleeping tool. If a mattress is already on the way out, and would otherwise be simply disregarded in a trash heap, there are several useful or simply fun things you can do to make a little extra use of it. In this two-part blog, we’ll look at a few ideas.


Have you ever lived in an apartment with a loud neighbor? Chances are, you spent lots of time wishing you could block out some of that noise – and as it turns out, an old mattress is a great way to do it.

Mattresses are both thick and soft, the two primary ingredients you need for soundproofing. If set up correctly, they can absorb the sound from a given wall or ceiling and keep it from moving further. Take some time to attach your old mattress to the wall, and see if it helps mute that loud neighbor.

Bouncing Fun

Remember how mom and dad always told you never to jump on the bed as a kid? They were right, of course – but if the mattress is already on the way out, why not have a little fun?

For safety, drag the mattress into the middle of a room where it’s not close to any breakable or injury-prone items. Make sure any children involved are playing safely. If you want to introduce a little more fun, you can consider using an old mattress as a bounce wall – this can even work outside, where there’s more space to make use of it.

Indoor Sledding

Another fun indoor activity that used to be taboo when you were younger? Sledding down the stairs, which many of us tried with laundry baskets and other household items as youngsters. But if you have an old twin or full-size mattress that isn’t doing anything else, this could be the perfect sled toy. Of course, make sure the landing space is safe and free of clutter for you or any kids taking part.

For more on fun and practical things to do with your old mattress, or to learn about any of our wide selection of mattresses, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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