Pros and Cons of Wearing Socks While Sleeping

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Pros and Cons of Wearing Socks While Sleeping

A number of common topics surround the world of sleep and sleep habits, and some of these relate to the kinds of clothing people wear or don’t wear while sleeping. One of the most well-known such considerations: Should people be wearing socks when they sleep at night?

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to help clients around Provo, Salt Lake City and American Fork with all things sleep. From our wide selection of mattresses to adjustable bed frames and numerous mattress accessories, we’ll make sure you have all the right materials for a great sleep every night. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of wearing socks while sleeping, plus some possible substitutes – including situations where our products may address some of the same concerns as wearing socks to bed.

Why Some People Wear Socks to Bed

Among those who do wear socks while sleeping, there are a few common reasons for doing so:

  • Helping with insomnia: Among several tactics for combatting insomnia, warming the skin before bed can help the body relax, leading to more restful sleep. Wearing socks is a known way to do that. Whether the socks need to be thick or thin depends on a person’s preference and tolerance for warmth.
  • Regulating overall body temperature: As many people are aware, body temperature is a major factor for sleep quality and duration. Wearing socks to bed can help keep the feet and lower legs warm, which in turn can help keep them at a more stable temperature for better sleep quality.
  • Preventing foot odor: Feet sweat during the day, and if left untreated, this can form bacteria that leads to stinky odors. Wearing breathable cotton socks to bed can help wick away sweat and keep the odor-causing bacteria from forming.
  • Preventing hot flashes or Raynaud’s symptoms: For people who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, wearing socks to bed can help regulate their body temperature and make the uncomfortable episodes less frequent. People with Raynaud’s syndrome (a disorder affecting blood flow) may also wear socks to bed to keep the feet warm and reduce symptoms of tingling and numbness.

Drawbacks of Wearing Socks

On the flip side, there can be some downsides to wearing socks while sleeping:

  • Can exacerbate circulation issues: If you already have poor circulation, wearing socks to bed can make it worse by restricting blood flow even more.
  • Can lead to overheating: If you tend to sleep hot, wearing socks to bed can exacerbate this problem by making your feet and lower legs too warm.
  • Infection potential: While this risk is only typically present if you’re failing to wash your socks regularly, wearing dirty socks to bed can cause skin infections and other adverse issues due to bacteria buildup.

In these cases, an adjustable bed frame could be the alternative you’re looking for. By allowing you to raise your legs and feet while sleeping, this can help improve circulation and reduce heat buildup in those areas. More on this below.

Alternatives to Socks

While there may be some benefits and drawbacks to wearing socks while sleeping, there are also a few alternatives that can help people achieve the same goals without having to wear extra layers of clothing in bed:

  • Adjustable base: Many people who have circulation or blood flow issues use an adjustable bed frame to elevate their feet, which helps improve circulation and keep the body at a consistent temperature for better sleep.
  • Mattress pad: A mattress pad is designed to fit over your mattress like a fitted sheet and provide comfort and insulation from drafts or cool air. Many are made with breathable fabrics that help pull moisture away from the skin.
  • Weighted blanket: A weighted blanket is a great option for those dealing with night sweats or hot flashes. It’s designed to provide gentle pressure that makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, without overheating the body during the night.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we have several sleep accessories that can help people regulate their body temperature during the night, including mattress pads and bedding, adjustable beds and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can clients in American Fork, Provo, SLC and other parts of Utah get the ideal sleep every single night.

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