Mattress and Bedding Health and Sanitation Tips

mattress bedding health sanitation

Mattress and Bedding Health and Sanitation Tips

While many people put a great deal of effort into maintaining comfort and related areas surrounding their mattress and bed for sleeping, there’s one important tangential area that often doesn’t get enough attention here: Sanitation and cleanliness. A dirty, contaminated bed space will decrease both your comfort and the overall health of the sleeping experience, often stopping sleepers from getting enough quality sleep each night.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we offer not only a variety of quality new mattresses, but also mattress protectors and several other products that will assist you with maintaining a healthy sleeping space. We’re also happy to offer our years of expertise in this area. With this in mind, here are some general tips on mattress sanitation and washing themes.

General Mattress Sanitation Tips

The first step we highly recommend here: Purchase a mattress protector for any new mattress you buy. This protector shields the mattress from numerous risks, whether we’re talking a spill, pet concerns or any other issue you can think of. Mattress protectors not only keep the area clean and healthy, they extend the lifespan of mattresses by years in many cases.

On top of this, regularly clean the mattress. Many options come with removable covers that allow you to wash them in the machine – if yours does not, you should vacuum the mattress at least once every couple months to pick up any dirt that’s made its way in.

If you don’t use a protector and are dealing with stains or spills, there are a few methods to consider depending on the material. Just ensure you check the manufacturer warranty and don’t risk voiding it through DIY stain removal or cleaning methods.

Our subsequent sections will go over frequency needs and some basic tips on washing several important bedding components.

Washing Comforters or Duvets

Simply put, most people don’t wash their comforters or duvet covers often enough. These items should be washed weekly, with the only exception here being if you use a top sheet for sleeping, in which case you can wash the comforter or duvet every four weeks or so.

When washing these items, do not overload the washer or dryer. This can both strain the machine and damage your bedding. If these are too bulky for your machine, consider a local laundromat.

Washing Sheets

Sheets should be washed even more often than comforters – roughly once a week if possible. We highly recommend using hot water for disinfection. In addition, if you use blankets while sleeping, these should be washed about as often as your sheets.

Washing Pillows

Firstly, a tip: On top of mattress protectors, there are also pillow protectors available. You should consider one of these if you regularly have pillow cleanliness issues.

Can you wash a pillow, however? Absolutely. The key is to use hot water to remove contaminants, then hanging the pillow to dry. It’s sometimes possible to put a pillow into a washing machine, but you should check the tag before doing so.

For more on keeping your mattress and bed area clean and healthy, or to learn about any of our new mattresses or accessories, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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