Make it a Happy New Year with a New Mattress

Make it a Happy New Year with a New Mattress

Now that 2013 has officially ended, many people are making new year’s resolutions. Perhaps you are one of those people, and perhaps one of your resolutions includes getting more sleep. If you set that as your goal, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from lack of sleep every year, and the result is chronic fatigue and difficulty functioning during the days. If this sounds like you, here are some reasons to get a new mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress to help you achieve your resolution.

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Daily Life
Sometimes it seems there are never enough hours in the day, and when you are busy, often it is your sleep that will suffer. If you are like millions of people every year who don’t get enough sleep, it can have a seriously detrimental effect on your daily life. It affects everything from your physical and mental health to your emotional well-being, and getting all 7 or 8 hours of shut-eye is critical to your health.

People who fail to get enough sleep every night are not just tired—they are at a higher risk of serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and obesity. Lack of sleep can also make daily tasks far more difficult, resulting in an inability to concentrate and focus throughout the day.

Factors that Affect Sleep
One of the biggest factors affecting how much sleep you get is, of course, the amount of time you spend in bed each night. If you don’t give yourself plenty of time to get at least 7 hours of restful sleep, you won’t wake up feeling rested in the morning. Another factor that many people don’t consider as important is your mattress, but the truth is that a bad mattress could be affecting your sleep more than anything else.

Old, saggy, uncomfortable mattresses that don’t offer adequate support can lead to pain and pressure points that develop while you’re trying to get REM sleep (the deepest sleep, when your body is rejuvenating from the previous day). Pain and pressure points cause you to toss and turn, preventing the most restful sleep and making it difficult for your body to recover each night. In addition, if you have a partner who is tossing and turning next to you in bed because he or she is uncomfortable, that could make it difficult for you to stay asleep as well.

Evaluating Your Need for a New Mattress
The best way to tell if you need a new mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress is to take stock of your current one.

  • Are there visible lumps and sagging in some areas? 
  • Do you often wake up in the morning in considerable pain, or with pressure points that don’t go away for several hours? 
  • Do you wake up feeling like you haven’t been asleep much at all, even if you were in bed for 8 hours or more?
  • Have you had the same mattress for 7 years or more? 
  • Do you wish you could sleep anywhere besides your own bed, because you can get better sleep in other places (such as couches, hotel beds, or a family member’s house)?

If you think it might be time to get a new mattress, 2 Brothers Mattress can help you find one that is just right for you. The great news is that once you get the perfect mattress for you, you’ll reap all the benefits, including better sleep, more energy, better memory, better mood, and overall better health. If your goal in 2014 is to be better, start with a new mattress.

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