Maintaining Good Posture When Sleeping

Maintaining Good Posture When Sleeping

Most people always note to keep the back straight. Mothers, teachers, even drill sergeants keep repeating the mantra. It’s the most familiar phrase people hear when their superiors want them to look respectable. Posture makes a person look strong and confident. The thing is, they might be  all wrong.

The natural upright posture of the spine isn’t a straight line, but an S-curve. The two curves help distribute the weight that the back carries into the lower and upper back. If every person had actual straight backs, all the weight would rest right on the lower back, making it vulnerable to injury. Maintaining that curve is probably what everyone means, but that’s much harder than what they were first proposing.

Constant movement during the day makes it difficult to maintain the position. The only way to do it is to make the body get used to the curve during the time that it doesn’t move much – while sleeping. Humans spend a healthy average of eight hours a day sleeping. That much time in the same position will definitely help the body remember what shape you want it to take when you wake up.

Making the spine curve the correct way while you sleep is the next challenge. It all starts with the proper equipment. As you won’t be conscious, what you sleep on will determine whether the exercise is a success or a failure.

The quality if the mattress is always a significant factor in shaping posture, regardless if the sleeping person is working on it or not. A mattress needs to be of high quality: not too soft and not too hard. If it’s too soft, it will just give way to the sleeper’s weight, and make backs take an odd C-shape. The too hard bed won’t provide the necessary leeway to allow the back to go into its natural curve. These two mattresses will actually hurt the sleeper’s back, and they’ll feel it once they wake up.

If you’re looking for a mattress that can help you get your back “straightened out”, visit us today. We know all about how mattresses affect our sleeping patterns, and how they affect our health. Put your trust in the years of expertise we have in the sleeping department, and you’ll feel better every time you wake up.

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