Learning the Basics of Bed Frames

Learning the Basics of Bed Frames

When you’re considering the purchase of a new mattress, you’re thinking about more than just the mattress itself. There are a few other important pats of a sleeping experience beyond the actual mattress, and one of the most important here is the bed frame.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we have a wide variety of bed frame options for your perusal. Let’s look at why frames are so important, some basic details on their formation, and why you should pay attention to your frames and not just look for the cheapest possible option.

Why Frames Are Important

Sleep is all about support, and the bed frame is the foundation here. The bed frame directly supports the mattress, which supports your body while also getting you the most life out of the mattress – if a given frame doesn’t have good center support, for instance, it will damage the foundation and the mattress.

Even worse, if your frame is held together with only C-clamps, it’s likely the side of the foundation isn’t even on the frame anymore. Things have often shifted to a large degree in these cases, and your support can be heavily diminished.

Steel Frame Basics

Bed frames are made of steel, which is heavy and durable. While steel doesn’t wear out, and therefore means you can use a frame for more than one mattress, you need to be careful about size. If your new mattress is a different size than the old one, this could be a problem. There needs to be minimal room on each side of the foundation, plus at least one leg extending to the ground in the middle of the bed for support. There should be no rust or corrosion on a re-used frame, and the frame should have all gliding or wheel parts totally intact.

Avoiding Cheap Frames

A more expensive frame has more strength, steel, and more rails touching the bed’s foundation. A high-quality frame will have a center support bar, plus wider wheels that are less likely to break and have wheel locks. The chances of you having to replace a sturdier frame are far lower, which easily overrides the one-time difference in cost.

For more on bed frames, or to learn about any of our mattresses, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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