Important Factors in Choosing Your Child’s New Mattress

factors child’s new mattress

Important Factors in Choosing Your Child’s New Mattress

A child’s mattress is one of the most important factors in their day-to-day development. Children spend up to 16 hours sleeping, so it is crucial that this time be as healthy and comfortable as possible – and their mattress plays an important role.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re proud to offer a wide range of mattresses and size ranges, from twin mattresses up through king and many other larger options. What are some important factors to consider while shopping for a child’s mattress?

The Child’s Age

Age is an important factor when buying a child mattress. Children grow and change a lot, so they will need different mattress sizes over time. For instance, a child who is under six months may need a lot of support and cushioning in their mattress. As they age into toddlerhood, though, they will need less support.

Child development stages are also important to consider. For example, a child between six and nine months old may not be able to support their head yet, so you will need to look at crib mattress options that offer more support for sleeping on the stomach or side.

Children who have outgrown a crib mattress will need a twin-size mattress. Twin mattresses can typically support 90 pounds or more, so children should be able to use a twin mattress throughout their childhood.

The Weight of the Child

The child’s weight is important when trying to pick the child’s mattress. They many need a more supportive mattress if they are heavier, and less support if they are lighter. Younger children may not need much at all.

The Thickness of the Mattress

A child’s mattress needs to be the right thickness for their age, weight, and height. Children often need mattresses with higher loft levels because. Younger children also need mattresses that can provide them with more support. Look for mattresses with a pillow-top pad or wrapped coils for more comfort.

A child’s mattress should be about 12 inches thick, so a twin-size bed will work just fine for your child until they’re about 5 feet tall. The child will then need to switch to a full-size mattress at around 10 years of age, or when they are over 5 feet in height.

For more on how to choose a mattress for your child, or to learn about any of our mattress services, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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