How to Choose a Mattress for Back Pain

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How to Choose a Mattress for Back Pain

There are several priorities buyers may have when looking into their mattress options, and back pain relief is often high on this list for those who suffer from it. A mattress can be one of your single top resources for helping relieve back pain – how do you choose a mattress that will help with your back pain while also providing the other basic functions you expect?

At 2 Brothers Mattress, as the top mattress store around Salt Lake City, Provo, American Fork and nearby areas of Utah, we’re here to provide a huge range of mattress products to clients with any need – including back pain or other forms of pain. We offer not just mattresses, but also adjustable bed frames that can be hugely valuable for those dealing with back or other bodily pain. Here are some basic tips from our mattress professionals on how to choose the ideal mattress if you deal with regular back pain. 

Research and Understand Materials and Components

For starters, it can be quite helpful to do some research into the various materials and components that make up different types of mattresses. For instance, innerspring mattresses offer a lot of support due to their interconnected coil system, while memory foam mattresses are well-known for providing pressure relief and conforming to your body’s shape. 

Knowing what features and components are best for back pain can help you narrow down your options. Take some time to understand the different types of mattresses available and how their materials and components may impact your back pain. 

Firmness Level

When it comes to back pain, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for firmness level – different individuals will have different preferences based on their unique needs. Generally, a medium-firm mattress is often recommended for those with back pain as it provides a good balance between support and comfort. However, some people may need a softer or firmer mattress depending on their individual needs and preferences. 

Much of this decision ultimately comes down to personal preference, so it’s important to test out different firmness levels and see what feels most comfortable for you. 

Lumbar Support

Another important factor to consider is lumbar support. The lower back area (lumbar region) is often the most vulnerable to pain and discomfort, so having proper support in this area is crucial for those with back pain. Look for mattresses with extra padding or targeted support in the lumbar region to help alleviate pressure and provide proper alignment for your spine. 

For example, at 2 Brothers Mattress, we offer mattresses with specifically designed lumbar zones that provide additional support and help relieve back pain. 

Trial Periods and Warranties

Always be sure to check the trial period and warranty offered for any mattress you are considering. A good mattress should last you for several years, so it’s important to have a period of time in which you can test it out and see if it truly helps with your back pain. Additionally, a good warranty will give you peace of mind and protect your investment in case any issues arise. 

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we offer a generous trial period and warranty for our mattresses – giving our customers the time and assurance they need to make sure their mattress is the right fit for them. 

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Support

While we’ve gone over the importance of support here multiple times, it’s also important to remember that you still need a mattress that is comfortable for you. Don’t sacrifice comfort for support – finding the right balance between both is crucial for those with back pain. 

Our mattresses at 2 Brothers Mattress are designed to provide both support and comfort, so you can get a good night’s sleep without sacrificing either factor. 

Know When a Mattress’s Lifespan is Up

While this is a bit further down the road if you’re currently searching for a new mattress, it’s important to keep in mind how long your mattress will last. Most mattresses have a lifespan of around 7-15 years, but this can vary depending on the type and quality of materials used. 

If you start noticing that your back pain is returning even with the use of a supportive and comfortable mattress, it may be time to start considering a replacement. 

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible sleep experience. That’s why we offer top-quality mattresses and adjustable bed frames that can help alleviate pain and improve overall sleep quality. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you find the perfect mattress for your needs, whether you’re in SLC, Provo, American Fork or any nearby area of Utah.

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