Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Getting a Good Nights Rest

Sleep. It’s one of the most important things that we do, and yet it is also one of the most neglected things in our lives. In fact, a survey of over 1,000 Americans by the Better Sleep Council indicated that 60% of adults would prefer sleep over sex, and about 45% of people surveyed admitted to falling asleep somewhere besides their bed at least once a week.


While there are many factors that contribute to how much, and how well we sleep, one of the biggest factors cited in a study by the National Sleep Foundation was a comfortable mattress. Interestingly, despite the fact that many people recognize the importance of a comfortable mattress, a huge percentage of adults surveyed admitted to having an uncomfortable mattress, and thought it might be affecting their sleep. Here are a few ways that a new mattress can help you achieve that dreamy state every night.


New Mattresses Provide Support


If your old mattress is sagging and old, lumpy, or generally unsupportive, it could be causing aches and pains. Just like an old running shoe that has lost its support over time, your mattress gets worn down in the places where you sleep on it, losing some of its spring and support and leaving you with back, neck, shoulder, hip, and joint pain every morning.


Today’s Mattresses Have Better Technology


A few decades ago you had a choice of an innerspring mattress or an innerspring mattress. With several advances in technology, though, you now have a choice between several different types of beds that can provide exactly the support you need. Whether you opt for a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress, a latex mattress by Serta, a pillow top by Diamond, you can get exactly the support to fit your body. The better your mattress conforms to you, the better your sleep will be. Having a lot of mattress variety to choose from at 2 Brothers Mattress means you can find one that keeps your spine and hips in alignment, and helps increase blood flow and circulation and reduce stress on your joints and extremities, leading to deeper and more restful sleep.


New Mattresses Reduce Motion Transfer


If you’re tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping on an old mattress, chances are your partner is also not sleeping. The reason is that an old mattress probably has a lot of motion transfer—when you move, your partner moves. In addition, old beds often become noisy and creaky, so every move you make in that bed is keeping your partner awake. Fortunately with new mattress technology available today, you can often find beds that are specifically designed to reduce motion transfer, made from top brand names like Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Uinta, Stearns & Foster


If you’re planning to be one of the Americans that contributes to over $6 billion a year in spending on mattresses, make it worthwhile and get a mattress that will help you sleep better every night. Choose from a wide mattress variety at 2 Brothers Mattress.
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