Everything You Need to Know About Pillow Tops

Everything You Need to Know About Pillow Tops

When it comes to mattresses, you have a number of basic design preferences at your disposal. Everything from the size and design of the mattress is up to you.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we have a new mattress to meet your every possible need. One big design and comfort option that inspires a lot of divisive opinions in our world? The pillow top, which is a source of great debate. Let’s go over what this is and when you should consider it for your mattress.

What is a Pillow Top?

A pillow top is, quite simply, a mattress with what looks like a separate piece on top – only it’s not actually separate. This piece, which looks like a thin pillow, is actually attached to the bed. It’s generally made of various layers of padding, with the singular purpose of the pillow top being to provide extra padding and make the mattress softer.

Who It’s Right and Wrong For

In nearly all cases, pillow top mattresses are selected by people looking for a softer feel – but one that combines with firm support. You get these combined benefits with the proper pillow top option.

For people who only want a firm feel, however, the pillow top likely isn’t for you. Many people come into mattress stores looking for a hard bed with the aesthetic of a pillow top – unfortunately, you usually have to choose between the two.

Know that if you’ve tried a pillow top many years ago and didn’t like it, things may have changed by this point; new technology means that sagging and depressions don’t really happen anymore, and shifting and bunching are no longer a concern either due to the way pillow tops are tacked down today. In addition, a move to only one-sided mattresses means the pillow top is never smashed under a coil system and the human weight, so it holds loft and feel for longer than in the past.

For more on pillow tops, or to learn about any of our new mattress options, speak to the pros at 2 Brothers Mattress today.


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