Everything Really Mattress: Surprising Facts about Your Mattress, Your Sleep and Health

Everything Really Mattress: Surprising Facts about Your Mattress, Your Sleep and Health

You wouldn’t go biking, hiking, or camping without the right gear. And yet, despite spending about a third of your day in bed, you likely still haven’t properly prepared for sleeping.

Many of us have a hard time being and staying comfortable in bed, with all the tossing and turning, and the springs poking. This often boils down to the kind of mattress you use.

Other than being a literal cushion for when you doze off, your mattress affects you more than you know. Here are a few sneaky ways your mattress is affecting your sleep and health.

A Stress Cushion

The right mattress can significantly reduce your stress levels, according to a study. People who slept in mattresses they deem comfortable experienced lowered worrying, nervousness, irritability, tossing and turning, racing thoughts, and more. This is possibly because of the better sleep quality and the decrease in pain brought about by the firmer bedding.

A Home for Allergens

Many people are allergic to dust mites—microscopic pests that love to live in mattresses. These creatures feed on the dead skin cells you naturally shed, most of which can be found in and on your bed. About 20 million Americans are allergic to these little critters, according to WebMD, and they’re a big headache for people with asthma.

Wash your beddings regularly in hot water and clean the mattress with a vacuum to get rid of these pests. “Allergy-proof” covers also help keep the dust mites at bay.

A Different Kind of Comfort

There’s really no single definition or set criteria of what makes a mattress comfortable, soft, or firm. What may be firm for you may be soft for someone else. Whether you’re buying our ultra-plush or pillowtop models, the main criteria you should be looking for is your own comfort. To help you find the perfect mattress, we encourage you to visit our stores and “test drive” our products before making a purchase.

An Increased Tossing and Turning

If stuffing is streaming out, or a spring is poking your back every time you lay down, it’s obvious that you need a new mattress. It may cost you some money, but you can’t really put a price on a good night’s sleep.

Visit our website or our stores and find the perfect mattress to finally put your late night restlessness to sleep.

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