Drooling During Sleep: Adjustable Bed and Prevention

drooling sleep adjustable bed prevention

Drooling During Sleep: Adjustable Bed and Prevention

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the causes of drooling during sleep. This condition, which impacts a number of people with varying frequencies, might be due to a few different things – but there are also steps you can take to prevent or limit it, including the use of an adjustable bed in some cases.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re here to help with drooling or any other sleep-related issue you may be having, primarily through our huge selection of mattresses, adjustable beds, sleep accessories and more. Today’s part two of our series will go over one additional potential cause of drooling during sleep, then will dig into why adjustable beds are so valuable for preventing this condition, plus some other basic tips for limiting or eliminating your drooling while you sleep.

Sleep Apnea Concerns

Sleep apnea, for those who aren’t aware, is a sleep condition that involves the repeated stopping and starting of your breathing while you’re asleep. It can be potentially serious to many people – but it’s also commonly undetected, with as many as four in five cases not even being recognized.

There are several possible symptoms of sleep apnea, including loud snoring that’s created through the open mouth. When this happens, especially if your sleep apnea is not managed, drooling may be one of a few different results – but usually isn’t even the most significant one, as sleep apnea may also lead to serious conditions like diabetes or heart disease. If there’s any evidence you may have sleep apnea, you should speak to a doctor.

Value of Adjustable Bed in Drool Prevention

As we’ve noted a couple times in this series, one of the top tools often used to prevent drooling during sleep – plus other sleep conditions or concerns – is the adjustable bed. Adjustable beds allow you to sleep with your head slightly elevated from the rest of the body, which is known to decrease several of the conditions we’ve gone over in this series that often lead to drooling: Snoring, acid reflux and the overall production of saliva. If you have drooling concerns during sleep, especially if these are connected to other sleep conditions, an adjustable bed will often do a world of good.

Other Drool Prevention Tips

In addition to considering an adjustable bed, here are some other tactics for preventing or limiting drooling while you sleep:

  • If you have congestion before sleep, consider over-the-counter remedies to limit it and aid your sinuses.
  • Down similar lines, if you regularly deal with acid reflux, heartburn or any other related gastrointestinal condition, you should consider medication to limit it during the night.
  • If you are concerned you have sleep apnea, speak to your doctor about your options.

For more on drooling during sleep and how to prevent it, or to learn about any of our mattresses or mattress accessories, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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