Creating the Ideal Sleep Environment

Creating the Ideal Sleep Environment

young beautiful woman with eye mask sleeping on bed in bedroomGetting a great night’s sleep doesn’t have to be an elusive thing, but for millions of Americans every night seems like a battlefield of hoping to sleep well while tossing and turning. There are several different factors in your environment that could be influencing how well you sleep—here are some tips for creating the ideal sleep environment so you can get the best possible sleep whenever you lay down on your mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah.

Minimize Noise

If the constant drip of a faucet, tick of a clock, or bark of the dogs in your neighborhood is keeping you awake, minimizing these noises can help you sleep better. For most people, noise between 40 and 70 decibels will keep you awake at night, so making small adjustment and repairs like fixing the faucet can help you eliminate some of the noises. For things out of your control, earplugs can help to reduce or remove the offenders. For those who find it hard to sleep in silence, consider a white noise machine, fan, or other device that will help you get some zzzz’s.

Get the Perfect Temperature

An especially hot or especially cold room can also make it tough to sleep. Sleep is ideal between 54 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but where you sleep best between those temps is often a personal matter. Adjust your sleep temperature for a few nights to find what works for you, then try to keep your room at that temperature for most of the night. In addition, if your mattress is making it hard to stay cool, talk to 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah to find out about mattresses that offer cooling technology to help you rest.

Keep Things Dark

Lights signal our body that it is time to wake up, so sleeping in a room that is as dark as possible will maximize your rest. If you have to sleep when it’s light outside, try to get blackout curtains or other devices that will keep as much light out as possible. Use a night light to help light your way to the kitchen or bathroom if you wake up in the night so you don’t have to turn on bright lights. If you can’t keep it dark enough in the room, think about getting a sleep mask.

Get the Right Mattress

There are so many different mattresses available today, and finding the right one means shopping with experts at a place like 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah. Take time to learn about different materials and how they can work for people with different sleep needs. If your mattress is more than a decade old, it probably doesn’t offer the support you need for the best night’s sleep, and it should be replaced. In addition, ask about sleep accessories like pillows that offer the maximum support for your needs.

Additional Factors

Sleep experts also advise that you take a few steps to help you sleep better each night:

  • Avoid caffeine later in the day
  • Use your bed only for sleep and sex—don’t work or do other things in bed
  • Keep television, laptops, tablets, and other electronics out of the bedroom
  • Consider having certain colors in the bedroom that are proven to induce sleep, such as blue tones
  • Have your partner address sleeping problems that might be keeping you awake, such as tossing and turning or snoring

Creating the perfect sleep environment is the way to ensure you get the most out of every night. Talk to 2 Brothers Mattress today if a new mattress will help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

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