The Consequences of Buying the Wrong Bed

The Consequences of Buying the Wrong Bed

06.04.14_Bad SleepIf you are like most people, a new mattress is not something that you purchase on a regular basis. In fact the majority of people in the U.S. only replace their mattress about once every 10.2 years (although experts recommend you do it every 7 or 8 years). Since it’s such an infrequent purchase, there can be serious and long-lasting consequences to purchasing the wrong mattress. Here are just some of the reasons you want to make sure and purchase the right bed from a place like 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah.

1: It Will Ruin Your Day

Sleep is one of the most vital parts of your day, helping to rejuvenate your body. When you don’t get enough sleep it causes a severe decline in your body’s energy levels, making it more difficult to concentrate at work, focus on the tasks that you need to do, and make it through the day. Lack of sleep can also make you feel more stressed out and less able to handle life’s ups and downs. At the end of a long day, one of the best things you can do is snuggle up on a comfy mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress and let your body recharge for the next day.

2: Your Memory Will Suffer

Sleep has been shown to be a crucial part of your body’s ability to make and store long-term memories. If you find that you are having difficulty remembering things, it might be that you’re not getting enough sleep. While experts have long known that people who sleep for seven or more hours per night are better able to remember, recent studies have shown the process by which your body actually takes the things you learned that day from the “short-term” memory storage to a more “long-term” storage in your brain, all while you are peacefully slumbering in deep sleep stages.

3: You Might Feel the Pain

One of the main reasons people report not getting enough good sleep each night is pain—if you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, your body is probably trying to tell you every morning as you wake up with those aches and pains in your back, neck, legs, and shoulders. If your sleep is restful on a great mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and free from pain.

4: You May Gain Weight

Sleep has also been shown to aid in weight loss efforts. When you sleep for fewer than six hours a night your body has difficulty regulating the hormones ghrelin and leptin. These hormones help control hunger, signaling your body that you are full and keeping a lid on your cravings throughout the day. If these hormones are out of whack, even the most valiant weight loss efforts might be in vain.

5: You Won’t be Happy

Getting enough sleep also contributes to overall happiness and well-being. If you dread each night because you know you will be tossing and turning, waking up the next morning irritable and grumpy and never really feeling rested, this adds unnecessary stress to your already crazy life. Instead, it’s time to experience all the benefits that a really good night’s sleep can bring. Shop for the perfect mattress at 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah today to discover the benefits of great sleep.

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