Comparing Soft and Firm Mattresses: Which Is Right For You?

Comparing Soft and Firm Mattresses: Which Is Right For You?

Sleep is something that we all need, and getting good, restful sleep can make a difference between waking up refreshed and ready to face another day, or waking up in pain after an uncomfortable night of tossing and turning. There was a time when people believed that to relieve back pain, or similar joint pain, mean you needed a firmer mattress, but that conventional wisdom is changing today. Instead, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of both soft and firm mattresses so you can choose the type that works best for your body.

It’s All About Alignment
What sleep experts and doctors have learned is that the most restful and restorative sleep comes from proper body alignment, meaning that your neck and spine are straight and not kinked or crooked. This helps reduce the number of pressure points on your body during sleep, facilitating the flow of oxygen and blood throughout the night.

When you are looking for a comfortable mattress, you should test both soft and firm ones at a place like 2 Brothers Mattress to get an idea of which one will work best for you.

Advantages of Firm Mattresses
When you sleep, a firm mattress can offer more structure and support to your body. This is important if you find that you have trouble breathing deeply when you sleep on a softer mattress because you’re sinking down into the mattress. A properly supportive mattress will ensue that you don’t sink into the bed, which can cause spinal misalignment and lead to poor sleep.

Advantages of a Soft Mattress
On the other hand, if you have a mattress that is too firm, you may find that you experience pressure points in your back, shoulders, hips, and knees. These pressure points can reduce blood flow and cause discomfort, which will ultimately cause you to wake up in the night to adjust positions. This frequent awakening, which we often call “tossing and turning” at night can prevent your body from staying in the deepest stages of sleep, which are the most restorative and beneficial for your body. A soft mattress that has enough support to keep your body in alignment will reduce pressure points and facilitate more restful sleep.

Quick Fixes for Your Mattress
If you still have a fairly new mattress (less than 5 years old), but you have discovered that it is not a comfortable mattress that provides the right support, you may be able to get a “quick fix” that will help you get better sleep in the meantime before you buy a whole new bed. One of the best options, especially if you have a firm mattress and need to soften it up a little, is to get accessories like a memory foam or pillow top mattress topper.

Whether a firm or soft mattress is right for you all really comes down to support. Even the most firm mattress can lose support over time, resulting in bulging areas or sinking areas that don’t keep you in proper alignment. If you are in need of better support, come to 2 Brothers Mattress to discover whether you need a soft or firm mattress, or whether your body, like Goldilocks, need something in between that is “just right”.

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