Comparing Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

Comparing Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses gained popularity several years ago as an alternative to innerspring mattresses, but today there are more options to choose from that have some similarities and differences from a memory foam mattress, including latex. If you are wondering which one you should choose next time you’re in the market for a new bed from 2 Brothers Mattress, here is a quick comparison of the two.

General Observations
There are several factors affecting the comfort level of people who sleep on memory foam mattresses, chief among them the density of the foam. Memory foam comes in a variety of foam densities, ranging from lighter to very dense. Owners who have more dense memory foam tend to report that the mattress is heavy to lift, is more difficult to move on during the night, and has significant initial odor, also called off-gassing. Owners with light-or medium-density memory foam report higher satisfaction for pain relief, comfort, motion isolation, and durability.

Today many 2 Brothers Mattress shoppers are interested in learning about latex mattresses because they are made of natural materials and fewer chemicals, although many still include both natural and synthetic latex. The lack of chemicals means owners report less off-gassing and chemical odor, which is appealing to consumers who worry about the chemicals in their beds. These beds offer good support for reducing back, neck, and hip pain, similar to memory foam mattresses.

The main reason that most people purchase a memory foam or latex mattress is for the support it offers during sleep. Traditional mattresses can cause pain and discomfort during sleep by creating pressure points, while a latex or memory foam mattress is designed to provide optimal support, keeping the spine in alignment and reducing pressure points. This helps both during sleep and after you wake up.

When owners of these two mattresses report the levels of support, memory foam owners tend to report that sleeping on the mattress feel like floating, while latex mattress owners report a springy feeling.

Sleep Comfort
Another reason that many people purchase a memory foam or latex mattress is for comfort. These beds promise increased relief from back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain that comes from sleeping on an unsupportive mattress, which is one part of sleep comfort. Another part of being able to sleep through the night is reducing motion transfer if you sleep with another person. Both memory foam and latex have excellent motion transfer reduction so you don’t have to stay up all night just because your partner is tossing and turning.

One additional comfort factor is regulating body temperature, and in this case the latex mattress tends to outperform the memory foam in terms of keeping the sleeper cool during the night, which helps you sleep soundly through the night. In addition, memory foam, especially more dense types of foam, can be sensitive to temperature, losing some of its support when it’s hot and feeling firmer when it’s cold.

Durability & Affordability
Both latex and memory foam mattress owners report that their comfortable beds are also more durable than traditional innerspring mattresses. They both have good warranties that give you confidence your bed will last for many years to come. In terms of affordability, memory foam mattresses tend to be more expensive than latex, although latex can be more difficult to find in mattress showrooms.

When you want to find out the options you have for a new mattress, come to 2 Brothers Mattress to discover what is available and choose the best bed for you.

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