The Tempur-Pedic Advantage

The Tempur-Pedic Advantage

The TEMPUR Advantage

Visit anyone of our showrooms for more expert advice on Tempur-Pedic mattresses and pillows. American Fork at 88 N West State Rd. American Fork, UT 84003, 801-763-2337. West Jordan 1664 W 9000 S. 801-255-3732. Salt Lake City 4477 S Highland Drive. 801-278-8660. We offer The Best Selection in the State of Utah on Tempur-Pedic products. We guarantee the lowest price. We are here to serve you like no one else. We have been locally owned since 1999.

Tempur-Pedic® scientists pioneered a new way to sleep with our TEMPUR® material. Today, our scientists are continuously innovating—perfecting and advancing our proprietary formula, so it’s always evolving through rigorous science, engineering and testing. It’s why you’ll sleep better on a Tempur-Pedic.

Why are we different?

It’s our TEMPUR material, which has the unique ability to react continuously to your body’s unique shape, weight and temperature—creating unparalleled cushioning and support for all-night comfort. Our adapts-to-your-body TEMPUR Feel™ sets our beds apart—you’ll fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake more fully refreshed. You can count on that.
Yes, there’s advanced science behind our better sleep,but there are also over 7 million owners who love their beds—many who say our beds have changed their lives. Ask the people you know, or connect with real owners on Facebook. Other companies may try to imitate us, but nobody delivers a better night’s sleep than Tempur-Pedic.

TEMPUR material is born from innovation, and engineered for quality

TEMPUR® material is our invention, born from NASA research, but dramatically evolved from those early days. We spend millions every year on research and development, we design and manufacture every ounce of TEMPUR material, we maintain its extremely high quality, and we use it exclusively in Tempur-Pedic products. We also keep innovating, improving it, and bringing it to more products.
By design, TEMPUR material always returns to its original shape. So it’s as if you’re sleeping on a new mattress, night after night, year after year. We’re so confident in the durability of our mattresses, we offer a 20-year limited warranty, and a 10-year full-replacement limited warranty on our TEMPUR-Simplicity™ mattresses.

Other mattresses don’t measure up

Other mattress companies buy generic memory foam off-the-shelf from low-cost manufacturers; this foam can’t measure up to the durability and resiliency of TEMPUR material. Gel foam mattresses simply add gel—either as a top layer, or by infusing the memory foam with gel. In some consumer products (like a shoe insert) gel can be soft and squishy. But when mixed with foam, the little gel beads can actually be sharp particles that can cut into the foam, creating tiny tears and pilling (just like a wool sweater). And generic memory foam is less resilient and less durable—so it wears out over time, losing its ability to support your body. Traditional inner spring mattresses are made from metal coils covered with foam and upholstery. These coils “give” under the weight of your body, which can result in a depression after extended use, wearing out long before mattresses made with TEMPUR material do.

TEMPUR material is more responsive, for better alignment and less pressure

Thanks to the unique responsive properties of TEMPUR® material, our mattresses actively adapt to your body’s shape, weight and temperature. This reduces pressure points that can keep you awake, and better aligns your body so you can more fully relax, to provide all-night comfort and support. No other mattress can match our TEMPUR material in delivering your best night’s sleep.

Other mattresses can’t actively adapt

Neither generic memory foam nor inner springs respond to body weight, shape and temperature the way that TEMPUR material can. Generic memory foam (also found in gel foam mattresses) simply compresses itself, under the force of gravity and your weight. It can’t actively adapt to your body temperature to provide custom comfort. The surface of inner spring mattresses does not adjust to your body shape or movement—your body is not properly supported or aligned, so you feel pressure points that help keep you awake. You won’t experience the same deep, restful sleep that you would on a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Consumer Quote

“When we got this bed, I learned that you can actually sleep through the night.”
– Jonathan & Jaime S.

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