Tempur-Pedic – The Most Highly Recommended Bed in America

Tempur-Pedic – The Most Highly Recommended Bed in America

The Most Highly Recommended Bed in America

For most people in America, the concept of a “good night’s sleep” is little more than a pipe dream, and the idea of getting seven to eight solid hours of restful sleep every night seems almost impossible. Even if you are able to be in bed for that amount of time, sleeping through the night can be difficult. Between your partner tossing and turning next to you, and the inability to find the perfect position to stay asleep in, you find yourself getting far fewer than the recommended nightly sleep hours on a regular basis.

The Importance of Sleep

Getting a restful night’s sleep does more for you than just ensure you’re not tired the next morning. Studies have shown that sleep benefits many different areas of your life, including improving your memory, reducing inflammation linked to chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and heart disease, enhancing creativity and athletic abilities, helping you focus, lowering stress, and contributing to a healthy weight.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Most people know that sleep is good for them, but sometimes it can be hard to come by. One of the first keys to sleeping well is finding the right mattress. There are many mattresses out there to choose from, but getting top rated mattresses can be the difference between tossing and turning and hoping for a good night’s sleep, and actually being able to get that sleep. That’s why so many people in America today choose Tempur-Pedic mattresses—in fact, studies show it’s the most highly recommended bed in America.

The AlluraBed


Spinal Alignment

Your body is not a perfectly straight line, but instead is a series of curves from head to toe. However, it’s best for your sleep if you can keep your spine in a perfect line, which allows your body to relax. Unfortunately most traditional mattresses do not promote this position. The MattressDepartment in Utah sells Tempur-Pedic mattresses, which conform to your body so your spine can remain in alignment all night long.

Pressure Point Relief

Shoulders, hips, and heels are some of the most common pressure points on your body—areas that press into the mattress and can be painful if your mattress doesn’t have room to give. When you’re trying to sleep, these pressure points can trigger discomfort that causes you to toss and turn. With America’s top rated mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, there are no more pressure points, so all you feel is deep, relaxing sleep, regardless of whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.
TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe 

No More Motion Transfer

Sometimes it’s not you that is having trouble sleeping, it’s your partner, but the continual tossing and turning in bed next to you can also affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. With Tempur-Pedic’s unique design, each person in the bed has a separate support system, so there is very little (if any) motion transfer between people sleeping side by side.

For the most comfortable, supportive sleep you have ever experienced, try the top rated mattresses of Tempur-Pedic from The MattressDepartment in Utah today. There is a reason they are the most highly recommended beds in America—find out why by sleeping on one tonight.
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