Shopping for the Best Mattress

Shopping for the Best Mattress

Shopping for the Best Mattress 


Sleep is the one thing that everyone needs, and in order to get the maximum benefit out of every night that you spend in bed, you need to have a clean, comfortable, perfect mattress for your specific body type and your physical needs. If you haven’t been shopping for a mattress in a while, the whole process might be a little confusing—today there is much more than just the traditional innerspring mattress to choose from. Here is a guide to help you find and buy a great mattress from 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah.

 Step 1: Decide if you need a new mattress

You can usually tell you need a new mattress by how you wake up in the morning—are you waking up rested, comfortable, and free from pain, or do you find that every morning is a struggle to get out of bed because you have aches and pain in your back, neck, or joints, and you’ve been tossing and turning all night? You may also know it’s time for a new mattress by the current age of your mattress (especially if it’s more than 7-10 years old), or if your mattress is visibly sagging or lumpy.

Step 2: Do some advance research

There are a lot of different options out there today, so it’s best if you at least have a basic understanding of the types of mattresses you will see, including:

·         Innerspring

·         Memory foam

·         Latex

·         Hybrids

·         Water beds

·         Air beds

Knowing the pros and cons of each, and which are recommended for certain types of sleepers, different body types, and specific nighttime needs can help you get top rated mattresses that are a perfect fit for you. Also, measure out exactly how much space you have so you can make sure and get a mattress that will fit in your bedroom.

Step 3: Try them all out

The next step is to head down to 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah to try out all the different beds. From your research, you may have identified a few of the key features and characteristics you want from your bed, and you can take that information to the store to discuss with the friendly and knowledgeable sales people. When shopping, be sure to take plenty of time to test out each mattress (at least 10-15 minutes on each) so you get a feel for what it is like for longer than just a few seconds.

Step 4: Discuss special deals and terms

In addition to getting a great mattress, you want to get a great deal. Talk to the sales people at 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah about what kind of specials they have, including financing offers and whether you can qualify. Also, be sure to ask whether a mattress has a return or exchange policy. Many companies today will allow you to have a “test period” where you can take the mattress home and try it out for 30 days or more, then decide if you like it. If it doesn’t work, you can take it back and trade it for another one. Be sure you understand all the rules and fine print of these arrangements so you can take it back with no problems if necessary.

Step 5: Purchase and sleep well!

After picking from the top rated mattresses, you can take a great mattress home and get the best sleep of your life.
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