Serta – A Top Quality Mattress

Serta – A Top Quality Mattress

Why choose Serta?

We all know that sleep is critical to our overall health and well being, but studies often show that only a very small percentage of Americans are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. According to surveys, one of the most common reasons that people are unable to get all the recommended sleep on a nightly basis is an uncomfortable mattress. Fortunately this is also one of the easiest things to remedy, by finding the perfect Serta mattress for you at The MattressDepartment.

Sleep Matters

The amount of sleep you get has a direct affect on just about everything you do, improving your productivity and your mood, helping you stay healthy and concentrate at work or at school, and keeping you safe while you drive. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the hours you are in bed, you need to go through several sleep cycles that include lighter sleep (stages 1 and 2), deep sleep (stage 3) and REM or rapid eye movement sleep (stage 4). If your uncomfortable mattress is keeping you from reaching those deep sleep stages because you’re tossing and turning all night, you need to get one of the best mattresses on the market—a Serta.

Benefits of Serta

Serta first became a company in the 1930s, and has been making a quality mattress to fit every sleeper for several decades. The most common reasons people choose Serta mattresses over the competition include:

·         Comfort, with mattresses that can cater to every body type

·         Durability, since customers know they are getting a quality mattress that will remain comfortable for the long term

·         Selection, with a variety of different mattress types that feature innovative new technologies for the best sleep you can get

·         Trust, with mattresses from a company that has been providing quality sleep for more than eight decades

Available Mattress Types

A few years ago you had only once choice for a mattress, but today you can choose from a wide variety of different materials inside the bed to get the most comfortable night of sleep.

Innerspring Mattress. Serta offers a traditional innerspring mattress, which includes steel coils inside foam and fibers to support you as a sleeper. These have been around for a long time, and are usually the most affordable option. Today’s innerspring Serta mattresses are better than ever before, offering innovation to make springs more supportive and durable, and reduce motion transfer and noise for sleepers.

Memory Foam Mattress. The purpose of memory foam is to help provide more customized support for sleepers. Since we are all shaped a little differently, memory foam conforms to our body to provide more support in areas where we need it and less support where we don’t. The Serta mattressincludes gel memory foam that has a special cooling action to keep your body at an ideal temperature overnight. Memory foam is also very good at reducing the amount of motion transfer you can feel from a partner tossing and turning beside you.

Hybrids. If you cannot decide, one of the best mattresses for you might be a hybrid, which combines the tried-and-true support and structure of a more traditional innerspring mattress plus memory foam on the top to provide increased comfort.

Finding the right combination of support and comfort at 2 Brothers Mattress is critical to get the best night of sleep possible. With Serta, you have plenty of options to choose from, ensuring you can get the perfectly customized experience you need for several years of great sleep to come.
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