New Mattress Technology

New Mattress Technology

New Mattress Technology

Shopping for a new mattress used to be a pretty straightforward thing—you would go to the mattress store, and choose the size, firmness level, and brand you wanted. Other than the size of the bed, how firm or soft, and the manufacturer, there were few differences from one mattress to another. Today, there are dozens of different mattress types available, including some pretty cool new mattress technology.

If it has been a while since you shopped for a new mattress, you may be surprised at all the choices that are now available, and the technology gets better, and more affordable, every year. Here are some of the latest mattress developments you can find at The MattressDepartment.

Memory Foam

Whether it’s through personal experience sleeping on a memory foam mattress, or just hearing about your neighbor, friend, or cousin rave about their new memory foam mattress, chances are you have heard of this technology. It is comprised of polyurethane, and comes with different levels of viscosity and density (it’s “visco-elasticity”) depending on what level of firmness and what kind of support you prefer. When heat is applied (from your body), it is designed to mold to your shape, giving you better support while you sleep and reducing pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, or wake up stiff and in pain. You can find memory foam mattresses that come in a wide variety of price points for many different budgets.


While the term “latex” may not make you think immediately of comfort and restful sleep, this new mattress material is actually very soft, and hypoallergenic. It is made from the milk or sap of a rubber tree, and can “breathe” better than some other mattress technologies so you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In addition, it can resist some of the less pleasant things that mattresses collect, such as bacteria, mildew, mold, and even dust mites.


This is one of the newest materials used to make mattresses today, using a molded but flexible gel (not a liquid gel) that creates a comfortable surface, which can almost feel like a mini-massage every night. The gel layer is often built on top of a more traditional mattress structure, which makes it a good fit to add on even to an existing mattress. The gel can also have a cooling effect, keeping your body at a more optimal temperature when you sleep, which can encourage restful nights and reduce heat-related restlessness.


It seem like everything is going “green” these days, and your mattress is no exception. An organic mattress is one made of organically grown materials instead of chemically-processed ones, and is designed to promote better health and support earth-friendly consumer behavior. However, keep in mind that terms like “organic”, “green”, and “natural” do not always mean the same thing, so do a little research before buying a mattress labeled “organic” to ensure you get what you’re hoping for.

When you shop for your next mattress, take some time to test out several different types of new mattress technology at 2 Brothers Mattress before you decide on one, so you can get the perfect mattress for restful and relaxing sleep.
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