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Diamond Mattress

Diamond Mattress – Handcrafted Comfort

There are few things better than falling into the comfort and softness of a great mattress, and since we should be spending about one-third of our lives in bed, having that comfortable, soft, amazing bed is important to help you get the sleep you need to be at your best every morning when you wake up. If you have never slept on Diamond mattresses, it’s time you visit 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah to discover why they are so comfortable and relaxing.

Customized for Every Customer

Many years ago, getting a custom mattress meant choosing between “firm” and “soft”. If that didn’t work for you, you were pretty much doomed to tossing and turning in fitful sleep. With today’s mattress technology, though, Diamond mattresses offer a custom fit for one of the most comfortable mattresses you have ever experienced, no matter what your sleep preferences. Every Diamond mattress begins with high density, high quality foam and many different support systems so you get exactly the fit you need at any age—including beds designed specifically to support growing children, help with athletic recovery, and support the unique needs of aging bodies as well. 

The Collections

There are several different options available for purchasing a Diamond mattress, ranging from more traditional innerspring mattresses to the latest in memory foam and latex materials, and each collection comes in a range from firm to soft. You can test out several options at 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah, including beds from the Diamond Mattress collection:

·         Generation Collection and Perfect Rest Collection – memory foam

·         Tranquility Collection – latex

·         Dream Collection – memory foam with plant-based comfort layers

·         Specialty Firm Collection – extra-firm plant-based layers

·         Posture Balance Collection – pressure point relief to help muscles heal

·         DM Kids Collection – Eco-Flex comfort layers and quilt to distribute weight for growing children

In addition, Diamond sells mattresses from its CoolTouch collection, with an open-cell ventilated memory foam support system designed to keep you cooler while you sleep. The cooler material helps reduce the necessity for tossing and turning, eliminates motion transfer, and reduces pressure points.

If you dream of a weightless sleep where you feel buoyant and floating, the latex design of Ethos mattress may be exactly what you need. The super soft stretch fabric helps reduce motion transfer and cool your body while you sleep, give you a comfortable night’s sleep with an eco-friendly design.  

Family Owned, Quality Guaranteed

There are few companies today that can proudly boast being owned and operated by a single family for more than four generations, but when it comes to Diamond mattresses, making quality products right here in America for the family business is still the most important thing that they can do. With six different product lines, including a product specifically for children, we have the bed that you need with a quality guarantee to back it up.

To prove their commitment to quality, Diamond mattresses come with an industry-leading warranty of 20 years. At Diamond, it’s important that customers can get the best and most comfortable mattress possible. In addition, they work to have the highest level of customer service available. 
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