Choosing the Right Mattress to Alleviate Back Pain

Choosing the Right Mattress to Alleviate Back Pain

middle aged woman having back painSuffering from back pain can be very uncomfortable, and while there may not be much you can do to alleviate pain during the day when you have to be up and around, you should be able to get relief from your back pain when you lay down to sleep each night. If you are suffering from back pain, here are some things you can look for as you’re shopping for a new mattress at 2 Brothers Mattress to ensure you get one that will help your back feel better.

Get Rid of Your Old Mattress

The first thing you need to do if you have back pain that is worse or doesn’t get better at night is to evaluate your current mattress. If it’s older and doesn’t have much support, you probably need to ditch the old mattress. Poor support can worsen or even cause lower back pain, so make sure you start with a bed that will be good for you.

There is No Right or Wrong Mattress for Everyone

Next, throw out all the old myths about one specific type of mattress being the only one that will work for everyone who has back pain. Some time ago people started to spread the advice that anyone with back pain should sleep on a firm mattress, but that is just not the case. Personal preference, adequate support, and individual comfort should be the determining factors when choosing a mattress.

Understand How the Mattress Works

There are many different mattress types available from 2 Brothers Mattress today, and it’s important to understand how the materials inside each of them work so you can choose one that gives you adequate support and pain relief. Whether it’s coils and innersprings, memory foam, latex, air, or water, they all feel a little bit different. There are also hybrid beds that have different components, such as innerspring below and a memory foam cover on top. These can help you get adequate support with great comfort.

Test Out Several Options

You won’t be sleeping for 15-30 seconds at a time, yet some people think that is all the time they need to spend laying on a bed in 2 Brothers Mattress showroom. While it’s also not practical to lay on a bed for 7 hours or more in the store, you should spend about 15 to 20 minutes laying on each bed before you decide on a final purchase. You can even take your own pillow or get one from the store, and lay in a position that you normally sleep, so you can figure out if it supports your back well enough.

Find Out About Return Policies and Warranties

Sometimes you will do all your research, test out beds in the store, and still discover that the bed you went home with just doesn’t work when you try to sleep for 7 or 8 hours a night. When that happens it’s helpful to have the option to return or exchange the bed for a new one so you’re not stuck with something that is uncomfortable for many years to come.

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