Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds

Advanced Ergo 

If you are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night, that means you are spending one-third of your entire life in your bed. Tossing and turning every night trying to get comfortable can get old, and it can result in you being tired, lethargic, and unproductive during the day. If you have considered getting an adjustable bed like the one available from Tempur-Pedic (also called an ergo or ergonomic bed), there are several advantages that it can provide.

Improving Your Lifestyle

You may not think that your bed can improve your entire lifestyle, but with the amount of things that we do in bed these days, the structure of your bed is very important. An adjustable bed like the Tempur Advanced Ergo System can allow you to:

·         Raise your head in a comfortable, supported position so you can read, watch television, or even pop in the latest movie and have a fun movie night, complete with popcorn and treats, all without spilling all over your sheets.

·         Get a massage, without having to head down to your local massage parlor. The2 Brothers Mattress has beds that include a rolling massage feature, giving you head, neck, and feet massages, adjustable for different intensity depending on how much relaxation you need.

Medical Benefits

There are also many benefits that you can get from your Tempur Advanced Ergo System that can improve your health. This mattress is designed with features that enable you to get the most comfortable night of sleep with the least resistance and the most support for your body. With virtually unlimited different positions that you can adjust for both the head and feet, you can find a comfortable position that is perfect for your sleep. The head and foot positioning can be structured to relieve pressure points and alleviate pain that you experience with traditional mattresses. Keeping legs in a raise position can be good for your heart, a raised head position can reduce or eliminate snoring, and the “zero gravity” positions can help relieve back pain, arthritis, sore muscles, heartburn, diabetes, asthma or breathing difficulties, and swelling in the legs.

Comfort and Quality

One of the biggest benefits that customers at 2 Brothers Mattress appreciate is the quality and durability of the Tempur Advanced Ergo System. It includes the latest technology to help you relax and rejuvenate in bed, including wireless remote with easy-to-use controls, quiet and efficient electronics that won’t make enough noise to wake your partner, plus long-term reliability with metal motor housing and a battery back-up so you won’t get stuck with an adjustable bed that doesn’t work. It also has reinforced components so it’s stable, and a sturdy base that is powder coated to prevent rusting.

With the constant stress that we are under, isn’t it time to find a bed that can help you truly relax and get away from it all? Technology today allows you to have the bed of your dreams, so you can take advantage of every minute that you get to unwind and sleep comfortably through night.
  • Rachel Matteson
    Posted at 14:29h, 06 September

    Indeed. A big percentage of the world population does not have enough or good night’s sleep because of the stresses of life. Perhaps the bed is the solution to that. The problem though is that these beds don’t come with a cheap price. Not everyone can afford it.