Adjustable Beds and the Zero Gravity Position

Adjustable Beds and the Zero Gravity Position

Adjustable Beds
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One way to ensure a sound and very relaxing sleep is to furnish your room with adjustable beds. These flexible and ergonomically designed beds are not new concepts. As a matter of fact, they have been used at medical facilities like hospitals and other places for several years now. Bed manufacturers have been keen on improving the design and function of beds to meet the health and comfort requirements of people. Some examples of these beds are available at 2 Brothers Mattress.

About the adjustable types of beds

Adjustable beds are similar to the ordinary beds everyone uses and only differs due to the added functionality or mechanism allowing the adjustment, tilting, or elevation of the mattress’ parts. With these beds, the height of the entire mattress can be increased or lowered; the head or the upper part of the mattress can be adjusted or inclined; and the lower portion where the leg and feet rest can be tilted or elevated. Originally, only the upper parts of the bed were configured to move and incline. But today, all mattress parts can be adjusted individually or simultaneously.

To move these bed parts, the frame can either have an installed electric motor or a manual mechanism. Those running on a motor can be adjusted using a button or remote while the mechanical types are usually positioned by a lever.

Adjustable beds and the zero gravity position

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why beds are reinvented to become movable and adjustable is the desire to provide the most ideal and comfortable lying or sleeping position for an individual. And according to 2 Brothers Mattress and to most health experts, the best and most relaxing position is what they call the zero gravity position.

The zero gravity position is adapted from the seating position observed by astronauts during space shuttle takeoffs. With this position, the head and the upper body are slightly raised, the torso observes a proper angle with the thighs; and that the legs are slightly bent but maintain a position that is raised just above the heart’s level. Adjustable beds set at this position often resemble the look of loungers having that curvy or wavy shape. This position won’t literally make your body weightless. Instead, it would evenly distribute the effects of gravity all throughout the body.

The health benefits of the zero gravity position

          It eliminates the harsh effects of gravity on your spine. Gravity usually produces pressure to the back area or the spine whenever you are standing straight or lying flat on your back. When standing, the spine and the back is pushed or squeezed vertically because of the upper body weight that it carries. On the other hand, lying flat can reduce that downward pressure but the spine can also suffer because the vertebrate is naturally curving and not flat. Thus, the zero gravity position ensures the reduction of pressure applied on the spine and at the same time creates a comfortable angle or curve appropriate for the shape of the spine.

          It alleviates stress, strain, and tension felt by the muscles. Adjustable beds are very comfortable and relaxing that they can relieve and eliminate stress, strain, and tension suffered not only by the back or upper body but on the midsection and the lower body parts as well. This is still made possible by the equal distribution of weight and pressure produced by gravity. The same reason why adjusting beds sold at 2 Brothers Mattress are also healthy and relaxing.
  • Rachel Matteson
    Posted at 14:29h, 06 September

    Not all people can sleep with a straight and firm bed. Some even are more comfortable sleeping with the head parts being elevated to a certain degree. These adjustable beds is the answer to most sleeping problem especially to couples with different sleeping preferences.

  • Rhonda Boyce
    Posted at 19:08h, 23 September

    Come see me at Sleep Outfitters if you are in the Nashville area and I will demonstrate the adjustable for you. Email for locations as I work in different stores.
    Rhonda Boyce
    [email protected]

  • Rhonda Boyce
    Posted at 19:16h, 23 September

    Rachel Im glad I looked at your website as they are things people ask for that we dont make i.e. round beds, camper beds, custom made beds, etc. and now I have a place to refer them. 😉