Why to Replace a Mattress That’s Sagging

why replace mattress sagging

Why to Replace a Mattress That’s Sagging

While there are certain issues that may arise with a mattress that are easily enough remedied, there are others that tend to signal a larger issue that may not be fixable. One great example here is the presence of sagging on a mattress, which in nearly all cases is a sign that the mattress has worn down past its useful lifespan and requires replacement.

At 2 Brothers Mattress, we’re happy to provide a huge range of mattress options for those in need of a replacement in Salt Lake City, Provo, American Fork and other parts of Utah, including everything from twin up to king mattresses from top brands in the industry. Here are a few of the key causes of mattress sagging and some tips on how to actively prevent this – but also some basics on why, if this is already happening to your mattress, it’s likely time to get a new one.

Possible Causes of Mattress Sagging

There are a few things that may cause mattress sagging – some that are due to natural causes, others that are not. Some examples:

  • Simple age: Most mattresses come with a particular lifespan, and after this point it’s likely that the mattress will begin to show signs of sagging. How much this happens will depend on the quality of the mattress, how it’s used and cared for, etc.
  • Frequency of use: As you might have guessed, mattresses that are used more often will naturally show signs of wear faster than those that are given a break in between uses.
  • Misuse: Another common cause of sagging is simply misuse – either from an individual sleeping in a particular spot every night or from improper cleaning or care techniques. Not only can this make your mattress look less attractive, but it can also reduce its lifespan significantly.
  • Weight: Heavier individuals may be more prone to sagging mattresses, either due to their own weight or the lack of balance in the mattress itself. If a mattress is not able to evenly support an individual’s weight, it will eventually result in a depression or sag on one side of the bed.

Tips for Preventing Mattress Sagging

Here are some simple approaches for helping avoid the man-made causes of mattresses sagging:

  • Rotate the mattress periodically: Depending on the type of mattress you have, it may be necessary to rotate it every few months in order to keep it from sagging. This will help ensure that your mattress stays balanced and helps maintain its core structure.
  • Keep your mattress clean: Removing dust, dirt, and other debris regularly can help reduce the buildup of material which can lead to premature sagging. Also, while it’s important to keep your mattress clean, don’t overdo it – too much cleaning can cause the material of the mattress to break down quicker.
  • Use a good mattress protector: Mattress protectors are designed to provide an extra layer of protection against dirt and debris that may lead to premature sagging. Investing in a good mattress protector can prolong the life of your mattress significantly.
  • Avoid improper use: If you’re sharing your mattress with someone, make sure they know the best practices for how to use it properly. Avoid sleeping in the same spot every night and don’t jump on or off the bed – these can cause undue stress to one area of the mattress which will result in sagging.

Repairing a Sagging Mattress Isn’t Really an Option

One of the unfortunate things about mattress sagging: Once it starts happening, it’s often too late to fix. While there are a few exceptions – such as flipping your mattress over or adding a layer of padding in between the mattress and box spring – these will only provide temporary relief in most cases.

Some claim that a mattress topper will be able to restore your mattress to its original shape, but this is typically not true. Mattress toppers are designed for comfort and support, not as a way to actually repair a mattress that has begun sagging.

If you find your mattress is beginning to sag, it’s likely time for a replacement – luckily there are plenty of options available on the market to choose from. Shop around and find the mattress that best fits your needs, budget, etc., and enjoy sweet dreams for many years to come!

And for help with this or any mattress need, our team at 2 Brothers Mattrress is always here to help! Contact us today to learn about any of our mattress products or services for clients around SLC, Provo, American Fork and nearby parts of Utah.

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