When to Replace Bedding Accessories

when replace bedding accessories

When to Replace Bedding Accessories

While mattresses are our specialty at 2 Brothers Mattress, they’re far from all we provide to our clients. We’re all about offering the comprehensive package when it comes to your sleep equipment, and this means we also stock numerous bedding accessories, from a wide array of pillows to sheets, bedframes, protectors and much more.

One common question we get from our clients when it comes to these various accessories: When is it time to replace? Just like mattresses themselves, these accessories will give off subtle signs that they’re losing their functionality or beauty – with the right bits of attention, you can be sure you’re never overextending the lifespan of any bedding accessory in a way that contributes to poor sleep. Here are some signs that each of these prominent bedding accessories is due for a replacement.


We talk a lot about support when it comes to mattresses, but often overlooked in this conversation is the pillow, a vital piece for supporting the head, neck and even the spine. Many people who wake up with pain in the mornings do so because of pillow issues, even in some cases where this pain isn’t directly in the neck or head.

In general, pillow materials should be replaced roughly every two to three years. This could be even sooner if you’ve begun to notice a significant lack of support when you lay down. If you deal with neck pain or have a peculiar sleeping style, inquire about pillows made directly for your sleep type or issue.

Sheets and Other Bedding

When it comes to sheets and other bedding materials, you’re often relying on the visual element to guide you in terms of replacement necessity. Even the strongest sheet materials will wear down over time, showing signs like frayed hems and faded colors. Those with lower thread counts and cheaper manufacturing products will naturally show these symptoms faster than others.

Keep in mind how often you wash your sheets on a regular basis. This can play a role here, as sheets washed often may fray down a bit sooner than others – but this might be worth it to you in terms of cleanliness.

Covers and Comforters

Many of us aren’t washing our duvet covers of comforters enough – they should be washed at least two times per year, and likely more like every couple months in reality. In addition, they should be replaced every five years or so.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are defined fairly well by their name: They block the mattress from liquids and other substances, plus limit the quantities of dust mites and other allergens that can make their way into mattress materials. When this protection begins to wear down, you’ll see the signs in the form of tattered areas, worn spots and eventually full-on holes. These are all signs that a replacement is in order.

For more on choosing the right time to replace mattress accessories, or to learn about any of our mattress sales or services, speak to the staff at 2 Brothers Mattress today.

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