Ways to Keep Your Mattress Feeling (and Looking) New

Ways to Keep Your Mattress Feeling (and Looking) New

When you replace your old, springy bed with a fresh, clean mattress, you can certainly be sure of sounder sleep every night. You can bond with the folks at Dreamland longer and have a better mood upon waking up. Surely, you want to maintain this excellent condition of your new bed. This is all about keeping your mattress in top shape. To do this, there are a few techniques you can try.

Turn the mattress

Even if you have a no-flip mattress, it still goes a long way if you turn, flip, and rotate it from time to time. Every two months, rotate the bed 180° and flip it over. This spreads out the pressure the cushion has to handle on a daily basis. Moreover, this would surely prolong the new mattress feeling.

Prohibit jumping on it

Forbid your kids from turning your mattress into a trampoline. Mattresses aren’t exactly built to handle the weight of two or three kids’ pounding on it again and again. Not only does this put extra stress on your mattress, but it also adds some extra work to your bed frame.

Use a sturdy frame

Proper maintenance of your mattress begins with its installation. Make sure that you are carrying the mattress properly whenever you move it around the house. Fit it over a bed frame that’s sturdy enough to support it.

Remember that incorrect installation could increase the wear rate of your mattress and render it too worn earlier than expected.

Care for the edges

When you wake up, you most likely move around and sit on the edge of the bed. You probably do the same thing when you’re putting on your shoes. Repeated practice of this could wear the edges, so be sure to observe where you sit often to extend its service life.

Clean it

A new mattress is a clean one, so clean your cushion as often as possible to keep it in good condition. Vacuum it to remove dust particles and clean spills properly.

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