Top Rated Mattresses For Back Pain

Top Rated Mattresses For Back Pain

There are few things in life quite as beneficial as a satisfying night’s sleep, but millions of Americans suffer every day from a lack of it. Without the right mattress, your nights could be spent tossing and turning instead of blissfully dreaming and resting your body. This is especially true for people who suffer from back pain. Today there are dozens of mattresses to choose from that offer special benefits for back pain sufferers; here are a few of the top rated ones at  The MattressDepartment in Utah.



Back Pain and Your Bed

Your back has a natural alignment that it needs to maintain in order to be supported, but unfortunately many common sleep positions and mattresses can throw the body out of alignment, which results in discomfort during the night, difficulty sleeping, and chronic pain that persists throughout the entire day, even spreading to the upper back, shoulders, neck, and head. Developing good sleeping positions that support your spine is a start, but often to eliminate back pain you need to find the right mattress—one that supports your body in the appropriate places to eliminate pressure points and promote sound sleep throughout the entire night.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses, developed using NASA technology, are designed for maximum absorbency, softness, and comfort. They mold to your body as you sleep, responding to changes in pressure and heat that can disrupt your sleep patterns, and evenly distributing your body weight across the entire surface of the mattress. The fewer times you awaken during the night, the more likely you will wake up rested in the morning. Memory foam offers an additional benefit of reducing motion transfer from one partner to another in the bed, so if you suffer from lack of sleep because your partner is tossing and turning with back pain all night, memory foam might be the answer.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses, such as those offered as part of the Pure Response Latex Collection by Serta, are foam mattresses designed to increase breathability and resilience as an alternative to more traditional spring mattresses. Similar to memory foam, a latex mattress conforms to your body to relieve pressure, but its breathability also enhances sleep for back pain sufferers by keep your body cool and comfortable all night so you’re not constantly tossing and turning.



Which is Right For You?

With all the options available, finding the right one is often a matter of trial and error. Many mattress companies today offer buyers the ability to “test drive” a mattress before buying it, for anywhere from two weeks to a month or more. Try out several different options and compare them side by side in a store like The MattressDepartment in Utah, then take your favorite home for a test run.
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