Should You Get an Adjustable Bed?

Should You Get an Adjustable Bed?

You may have seen commercials for adjustable beds, but some people think that this kind of bed is only for someone with a major injury or the elderly. While both of those groups can benefit from the advantages that an adjustable bed can offer, it’s important for sleepers of all ages to take a serious look at whether adjustable beds can help you get a great night’s sleep. Here are some of the reasons to consider this type of bed from the 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah.

1) Relieve Pain During Sleep
When you sleep on a traditional mattress, gravity can take a toll, throwing your body out of alignment and causing you to wake up throughout the night, and every morning, in pain. One of the great benefits of an adjustable mattress frame is the ability to elevate your head or your legs, which can help create a more comfortable sleeping position that holds you in a “zero gravity” position, where your spine is neutral and pressure points are eliminated. The end result is waking up rested and comfortable instead of in pain and improving your spine health.

2) Reduce or Eliminate Snoring
If you are keeping your partner up because of snoring, having your head slightly inclined can help keep your airway open and reduce or eliminate snoring entirely. In addition to being great for your partner, this will help you get a great night’s sleep because you won’t be waking yourself up from loud snoring, and you could even find that you can get into a deep sleep and stay in that deep sleep better, which makes you more rested in the mornings.

3) Avoid Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a serious condition where your airway closes partially or entirely during the night, you stop breathing, and have to wake up to move so your airway opens again. You may not even be aware that it’s happening, but it prevents those who suffer from it from entering a deep sleep and staying there long enough to realize the benefits of the deep sleep cycle, including improvements in memory, focus, and energy. Keep in mind a mattress or adjustable bed from the 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah is not intended to cure sleep apnea, so it’s always a good idea to consult a physician.

4) Enjoy Your Bedroom More
Bedrooms are no longer just for sleeping. Whether you like to watch television or movies, read, or catch up on games or work, many people use their bed for a variety of different things. With adjustable beds you can prop your head up to watch TV or read, and keep your legs up as well. Many also come with a massage feature, which gives you another reason to spend more time in the bedroom.

There are many studies that show your bed can contribute to back or joint pain, but it can also help relieve pain while sleeping if you have the right one. In addition, it can help you live a longer, healthier life by contributing to better sleep, and it is a great addition if you participate in entertainment while in bed. Don’t let everyone else enjoy these great beds while you miss out on what they can offer. Visit the 2 Brothers Mattress in Utah today to find out whether one is right for you.

  • Rachel Matteson
    Posted at 14:19h, 01 October

    I am convinced with your perspective on why I should get an adjustable bed. I have already decided on buying one but I need to convince my husband first. Thank you!